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How do you prepare dishes on a ceramic BBQ?

If you buy a ceramic bbq, you want to bake more than burgers. You want to grill, slow cook, smoke, bake or steam on a kamado. But how do you do that? I tell you in this article how you apply different grill techniques to your kamado bbq. With this basic knowledge in your pocket, it is only shopping, lighting the kamado and barbecuing.

All of available cooking techniques on a kamado

Kamado BBQs are known for their diverse character. It's a barbecue, grill, pizza oven, and steamer. All under a single ceramic lid. All of these possibilities are awesome, but in practice, barbecuing proves to be a bit of a challenge. That's because you need to use different cooking methods for all of the different preparation methods. There's a difference in the amount of charcoal you need, the temperature, and how to place the grill rack inside of the BBQ.

Direct or indirect grilling

Searing, frying, or steaming

Searing, frying, or steaming

Direct grilling is done at high temperatures of 175 to 230 degrees. You need to fill the kamado's fire bowl with charcoal, up to the edge. Both ventilation grids need to be partially or fully open, and the grill rack needs to be placed directly above the fire. Make sure the grill rack is properly heated before placing anything on it. Be careful when taking of the lid from a hot kamado, large flames can shoot up due to oxygen rushing into the kamado and fueling the charcoal.

Slow cooking

Slow cooking

Indirect grilling or slowcooking doesn't offer instant satisfaction, you need to take your time for it. In order to reach a temperature between 120 and 175 degrees, you need to fill the fire bowl for about two thirds with charcoal. The lowest ventilation slider needs to be slightly open, while the daisy wheel needs be almost fully open. You can adjust the daisy wheel to accurately set the temperature. Use a ceramic disk in between the fire and the grill rack to prevent heat from directly reaching your food.

Smoking and oven effects

Smoking and steaming

Smoking and steaming

Do you want to smoke a salmon? Or served up a smoky chicken? For this, you need the smoker setting. You can warm or cold smoke ingredients between 60 and 150 degrees. This means you need to fill about half of the fire bowl with coals. Once the charcoal has reached the right temperature, you need to sprinkle some smoking sawdust on top of it to create smoke inside of the kamado. Both the lower ventilation slider and daisy wheel need to be nearly closed if you want to smoke ingredients on your kamado BBQ.

Baking a pizza

Baking pizza or bread

In order to turn your kamado into a brick oven, you need a pizza stone or bread bowl, grill rack, and a ceramic plate. Baking in a ceramic BBQ has to be done at a temperature of at least 230 degrees. You need to fill about two-thirds of the fire bowl with charcoal. Is the charcoal burning? Place the ceramic plate, the grill rack, and after that the pizza stone or bread bowl on top of the grill rack. The pizza stone or bread bowl need to be properly heated, as to make sure that nothing sticks to it. All of the ventilation grids need to be fully open.

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