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4 tips to prevent cable breakage

Most earbuds break because of a failure of the cable and/or connector. Using the 4 tips in this article, you'll be enjoying your earbuds/headphones even longer from now on.

Tip 1: neatly store your earbuds/headphones

Store your earbuds/headphones neatly

Most cable breaks happen because the equipment isn't stored properly. Because the cable isn't being protected, it can easily suffer damage from other items in your bag, jacket, or pocket. The cable may also get knots in it easily. Apart from a lot of frustration, these also put extra pressure on the cable. You can prevent this by neatly rolling up the cable and neatly storing your earbuds or headphones in a small bag, spacious pouch, or separate compartment in your bag.

Tip 2: make sure the cable isn't too tight

Make sure the cable isn't tightly stretched

Figure out beforehand how much freedom of movement you'll need and make sure the cable is long enough. Always make sure the cable is hanging or lying down loosely. Your earbuds' cable isn't suitable to being under tension. Consider using an extension cable if you plan to move a lot.

Tip 3: neatly store the excess part of your cable

Store the excess part of your cable neatly

Your cable will quickly break if it gets stuck behind an object or if you drive over it with your desk chair. When your cable is too long, roll up some of it and store it neatly. If you're on the road, you can put this part in your pocket. Behind your desk, you could for example roll it around a pen cup easily. This way, you'll prevent the cable from getting stuck somewhere or stepping on it unknowingly.

Tip 4: roll up your cable loosely

Roll up your cable loosely

When rolling your cable, it's important that you don't do this too tightly, as you don't want to put pressure on your cable here either. Instead of rolling the cable tightly around a few fingers (only to have to peel it off painstakingly afterwards) it's wiser to let the cable hang somewhat loosely while rolling it up.

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