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Advice on professional video cameras

The professional video camera is, as the name suggests, the most extensive video camera. With these cameras you can get started shooting for professional purposes. But this camera is also suitable as a loving amateur if you are looking for the best image and sound. Read everything you need to know on this advice page to find the best professional video camera for you.

The benefits of a professional video camera

The biggest difference between a professional video camera and a simple camcorder is the quality of the lens and the image sensor. Most lenses of a camcorder are made of high-quality plastic. The lens of a professional camera is made of glass with different coatings to prevent unwanted distortions. In addition, the opening of the lens is larger, so more light can fall on the sensor. This way, more information is stored, making details more visible.

The influence of the sensor on the image quality

The full frame sensor is the largest and is used in (semi) professional cameras. This sensor is very capable of filming detailed images. But the sensitivity also has a second advantage: this sensor performs extremely well in the dark. That means that when it gets a bit darker, you don't have to use an external light source immediately. The 1/3-inch sensor is the most common sensor. It's smaller than the full frame sensor, but still many times larger than the sensor of a simple camcorder.

Which external microphone do you connect?

Connect microphone

Professional video cameras are always equipped with an external microphone connection for quality sound. There are 2 different outputs for connecting an external microphone: a 3.5mm connector (image: the lower cable). The type of cable used for this is sensitive to interference and radiation from other equipment. Or an XLR connector: (image: the top cable) this is a professional audio connector and has the best audio transmission. This has a protective jacket that prevents malfunctions. The signal does not lose strength over longer distances.

Which settings do you use?

Although the video camera has an automatic mode, we recommend you learn how to operate the camera manually. The camera knows how to choose the right settings in optimal situations. But when, for example, less light is available, you want to be able to choose how you want to compensate for this shortage of light. The camera won't come up with the perfect solution here. That's why you need complete control over settings such as focus, iris, zebra function, shutter, and white balance.

How do you edit the movie files?

Editing movie files

Professional video cameras record very high quality files. You will have to import large files and render your final image edits. The computer must meet certain requirements, such as a certain amount of RAM. You can find these requirements in the specifications of the software you use. There is a lot of software; Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer are commonly used software among professional filmmakers.

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