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Review Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT

The Alecto DBX-88 is a beloved baby monitor for many parents, so it scores high on comparison platforms such as Kieskeurig and the Consumentenbond. Is it really the best baby monitor for you and your little one? I take the test and tell you in this review why you should or should not go for this baby monitor. Since I am not yet a mum (but ever hope to be) I went to sleep with my girlfriend and godmother Jamie. Here I tested the baby monitor.

In short

Pros Cons
Really plug and play; the baby monitor is installed in this way. No batteries are supplied for the baby unit.
A safe feeling thanks to the alarm tone in poor range. When you press the talk button, you do not hear your child.
The night light is soft orange instead of bright green. I miss a vibrating function during noisy chores at home.
Eco function: the baby monitor only jumps when it detects sound. The design is a tad old-fashioned.

Out of the box

Alecto DBX-88

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box of the Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT. The colors you see on the photo are a lot softer in real life. The blue is really baby blue, it is so nice for the baby room. The box contains an adapter for the baby unit, a charging station for the parent unit and 2 rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, the design of the baby monitor is a tad old-fashioned. In 2016 he could be put in a new jacket.


Installing the Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT is quite simple. I placed the baby unit on the changing table, which is about 1.5 meters away from the bed. Make sure you have a power outlet nearby, because you have to power the baby unit with the adapter. The installation of the parent unit was a little more difficult. I did not open the battery cover easily. A torn nail and some pry further, it worked. The batteries were empty, so I immediately put the parent unit in the charging station. The baby monitor made a direct connection when I switched on the baby and parent unit. Beautiful, the little one can go to bed.

Ease of use and range

Ease of use Alecto DBX-88

You can open the menu via the menu button on the parent unit. Navigating is done with the plus and minus buttons on the side. Turning on a night light or setting an alarm is very easy. Playing a lullaby is even easier because there is a special button for it. This way you quickly get your little one back to sleep. Alecto indicates that the maximum range of this baby monitor is 300 meters. You only get this outside in an open field. In practice, the range is a lot smaller, about 50 meters. Thick, concrete walls are often the reason why the range is smaller. The alarming tone that the parent unit gives when the range is about to fall away is therefore a must. The idea that you are always in contact with your baby gives you a feeling of security?


Sound Alecto DBX-88

The sound quality of the Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT is comparable with the sound of a cordless home telephone. In the evening I heard Jamie breathe softly and even the making of the thumbs went well. Yet you hear a very slight noise through the sound, but I do not experience this as annoying. You hear your child loud and clear. If you find the volume too loud, just adjust it to the parent unit.

Two-way audio

Feedback function Alecto DBX-88

I believe that a consultation function is really essential when your child is sleeping on another floor. Jamie became restless and began to sob. Thanks to the call-back function, I immediately calmed him. That was a big step up again. There is no delay in the connection so your little one hears your voice immediately. The only drawback is that you do not hear your baby when you press the talk button.

Extra functions

Additional functions Alecto DBX-88

For a baby monitor of around 80 euros, there are many additional functions on the Alecto DBX-88. To begin with, I am positively surprised by the night light in the form of 3 stars. The asterisks are not green as shown on the packaging, but soft orange. Much more restful than bright green. Jamie thought the lights were very interesting. Turn on the lullabies and within no time your uk is in a deep sleep. The temperature display is not very accurate. It was 2 degrees with the temperature on the thermostat. However, it is reassuring that you can set a temperature alarm so that you get a signal when the room temperature is too high. Pay attention to the temperature difference of 2 degrees.

It gives me (and the mother of Jamie) a feeling of security knowing that the baby monitor is not continuously transmitting. The eco-mode is therefore a must for me. As long as Jamie is asleep or silent, the baby monitor switches to sleep mode. The eco mode works well. Jamie started babbling in the morning and the baby monitor started immediately. Then something about a job that I miss. Namely the vibrating function. Vacuuming while the baby unit with the pants clip on your pants is actually not an option. You will not see sound indicators and you will not hear the sound. At those moments, a vibration function is ideal.


The Alecto DBX-88 ECO DECT surprised me positively with its fast connection, the clear sound and the many, functioning functions. It is really a plug and play device. Of course there is room for improvement such as a vibrating function and a continuous sound when you press the talk button. The design can also use a freshening up, but hey, the baby monitor just does exactly what it promises. Not unimportant: the lullabies and the night light are approved by Jamie. He can not talk yet, but the surprised look in his eyes said enough.

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