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Advice on steam cleaners

Steam cleaners kill 99.99% of bacteria without using chemicals. Fine, it is no longer necessary that you get started with a bucket and suds. A steam cleaner has different attachments, and you use for the bathroom, laminate floor, tiled floor or for example the stove. In this article I tell you all about it.

What do you use a steam cleaner for?

There are various steam cleaners, which you can use for various purposes. Steam mops, for example, are only suitable to clean floors with, whereas canister steam cleaners can often be used for many different cleaning tasks. That's why you should pay careful attention to the accessories included by default, so that you'll always have the right attachments for the tasks you want to use the steam cleaner for. I'll list a number of examples of various cleaning tasks.

Parquet and laminate

parquet and laminate steam cleaner

Parquet and laminate are generally more vulnerable than a hard tile floor. Although you can use many steam cleaners on parquet and laminate without a problem, it's important to be careful with these surfaces. Set the steam pressure to the lowest setting and definitely use a floor cloth folded in half. This way, you'll never use too much steam, and you'll prevent damage to your vulnerable floor.

Tile floors

Tile floor steam cleaner

Many steam cleaners come with a special floor cloth, allowing them to be used for smooth floors, cleaning them thoroughly. Most tile walls can be cleaned without a problem. If you're in doubt and prefer to be on the safe side, lower the steam pressure a little. That way, nothing can go wrong.

Carpet and rugs

Carpet and rug steam cleaner

In order to clean carpets and rugs as well, a steam cleaner requires a special attachment. This is because this rigid surface wouldn't be cleaned properly otherwise. Which would be a shame, since carpets and rugs especially contain lots of bacteria. Certainly when you've got pets.

Joints, corners, edges, cracks and plumbing

Tile wall and joint steam cleaner

Some places get dirty faster than others, such as the stove or sanitary for example. Especially in damp rooms, lime deposits have a lot of room to attach. Do you also want to clean these small spaces with the steam cleaner? Then make sure that this is possible. In that case you will receive various attachments. Handy, next to the floor you also clean the stove, the washbasins and the toilet.

Steam vs. cleaning agents

Steam cleaning is more sanitary than cleaning with detergents. Steam's high temperature kills 99.95% of bacteria present. On top of that, there will be no residual detergent left over that dust attaches to faster. That is, with a steam cleaner, you're cleaning more sanitarily than with detergent, and things will also stay clean for longer. In addition, you won't be breathing in any chemical fumes from the cleaners you're using.

How do steam cleaners work?

The water is heated in a closed boiler until it boils and the appliance produces steam. Heating takes on average about 2 to 6 minutes per liter of water, depending on the power of the device. The pressure can reach up to 5 bar. The steam pressure is not relevant for steam nozzles, because these are intended purely to clean floors superficially. With hand and carriage steam cleaners, the steam pressure is more important, because these devices are made to remove stubborn dirt with great pressure.

Steam cleaner vs steam vacuum cleaner

Difference between steam cleaner and steam vacuum cleaner

The only difference between steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners is that steam vacuum cleaners have a vacuum functions. This means they don't just allow you to clean surfaces with steam, but also to effortlessly vacuum away the dirt. With a steam vacuum cleaner, then, there's no need anymore to have both a vacuum and a steam cleaner, but you'll be able to clean your house entirely using just 1 appliance.

What is the working time?

Most steam cleaners have 1 water tank. When it's empty, the cleaning stops too. In some cases, this water tank can be refilled during cleaning. There are also models that have double tanks, allowing you to carry on with the steam cleaner for longer. Cleaning large surfaces? In that case, these are recommended for you, to avoid having to interrupt cleaning all the time.

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