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What is a mopping robot and how does it work?

A mopping robot can partly take care of one of your cleaning jobs, mopping, for you. But to what extent is the robot a substitute for the real thing? In this article, we'll tell you what a mopping robot is and what you can expect.

What is a mopping robot?

types of mopping robots

It's in the name. A mopping robot is a robot that mops. If you're looking for a little household helper, a mopping robot offers a solution. Depending on the model, you can use the remote or app to order the mopping robot to start cleaning your floor. You can do this remotely as well. For example, you can turn it on while you're still at the office. This is nice, as you can relax on the couch after a long day in a mopped living room.

What can you expect from a mopping robot?

The cleaning performance of a robot differs per model, but keep in mind it doesn't compare to an old-fashioned mopping job. This is because the robot struggles with cleaning persistent stains. This doesn't mean the mopping robot is useless. On the contrary. Our mopping robots are silent, work systematically, and remove fine dust from the floor. So they're great to have as an addition. The most important specifications that set mopping robot models apart are the navigation method, cleaning route, and compatibility with an app.

Navigation method, cleaning route, and compatibility with app

navigation method mopping robot

Navigation method

This indicates how the mopping robot navigates the area. The better the navigation method, the smaller the chance it skips parts. If the robot doesn't have a navigation method, it'll move randomly through the area. This isn't very efficient. If the robot has a laser, it can map the entire area. This is the best method. There are also other methods, such as the self-learning navigation method, the navigation method based on GPS, and the method based on ceiling recognition.

cleaning route

Cleaning route

The cleaning route says something about the way the mopping robot moves through the area. There are 2 different cleaning routes, namely systematic and random. If the robot works systematically, the chance it skips parts or mops them twice is much smaller than with the random cleaning route. This makes the systematic cleaning route much more efficient than the random one.

compatible with app

Compatibility with app

If the mopping robot has an accompanying app, this comes with some useful functions. In most cases, you can use the app to control the mopping robot remotely or with speech control, you can set a timetable, set the spaces where the robot isn't allowed to go, and keep track of the cleaning performance. You can also operate your mopping robot when you're not at home.

How does a mopping robot clean?


The mopping robot cleans your floor wet or dry by means of included pads. Is there a small layer of dust on the floor, but are you expecting guests tonight? In that case, a dry clean is sufficient. You usually also get a sample cleaning product the manufacturer recommends. If you want the robot to wet the floors, you combine the cleaning agent with the right amount of water in the tank. This ensures the robot cleans persistent stains easier.

Robot vacuums with mopping function

robot vacuum with mopping function

If you want the robot to take over vacuuming as well as mopping, a robot vacuum with mopping function offers a solution. These robot vacuums have a water tank you can fill with a cleaning product and water. The robot vacuum mops the floor right after vacuuming it. Keep in mind that, much like mopping robots, robot vacuums with a mopping function can't serve as a full replacement of your vacuum and/or mop.

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