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Tips to prevent damage to your suitcase

You've had a nice flight and cheerfully you arrive at the airport. What seems? The suitcase you checked in is damaged on the baggage claim. Large damages, such as a broken wheel, will in most cases be reimbursed by the travel organization. Unfortunately, that organization can not compensate for slight damage. That is why I like to give you some tips in this article to keep your suitcase beautiful.

Tip 1: Have your suitcase sealed

Seal the case

First of all: let your suitcase seal. During sealing your suitcase will be wrapped with a thin layer of transparent foil. It is useful to seal everything except the handles and wheels. This way you can still lift the suitcase and roll it over the ground. A sealed suitcase is not only recommended to protect your suitcase against damage, but also against theft and smuggling. At Schiphol you do this in sets 2 and 3 at the Seal & Go for about € 11, - per piece of baggage. Also handy: if you have your suitcase sealed at Schiphol, a sticker with a tracking code will also be placed on your luggage. This way your luggage is registered online and you can trace your luggage.

Tip 2: Take a suitcase cover

Suitcase cover

Tip 2: a suitcase cover. With a suitcase cover your suitcase is not only resistant to scratches and dents, but you also recognize it faster on the baggage belt. The suitcase cover is made of an elastic but sturdy fabric that you can easily zip around your suitcase. The cover has recesses for the wheels and the handle. Also handy: by purchasing a suitcase cover you do not need to seal your luggage at the airport with plastic foil. This is also better for the environment. Is the suitcase cover dirty on arrival? Then you just throw him in the laundry.

Tip 3: Choose a hand luggage size

Tips hand luggage size

Do you want a suitcase that simply remains brand new? Then choose not to buy this suitcase in the hold baggage format, but as a carry-on baggage format. A hand luggage size is a suitcase with a height of up to 56 cm. Because you do not always have to check in a hand luggage trolley, the suitcase is not in the hands of the airport staff. For example, your suitcase is not thrown into the baggage carelessly and you are responsible for the amount of scratches that your suitcase incurs during the trip.

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