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What if I switch shaving techniques?

If you switch to a different shaving system, it's possible you don't get the smooth shaving performance that you're used to right away. You don't have to worry because this is completely normal. Below, I'll explain why that is.

1. Why do not I have the same shaving result as I switch from shaving?

Shaving with a Philips electric shaver

Not only yourself, but also your skin has to get used to a new way of shaving. You will probably have to practice for a while to master the technique and your skin will respond. Most men do not notice that much, but sometimes this unfortunately results in a fair share of shaving irritation.

2. How long should my skin get used to a new shaving technique?

Shaving with a Braun shaver

Do not expect that you immediately have the same smooth result that you are used to. Do you switch from a shaving head system to a shaving foil system or vice versa? Then it can take up to 2 weeks for your new shaver to give the result you're used to. If you switch from shaving to electric shaving with a razor blade, count on at least 3 weeks.

3. What do I do to get my skin used to a new shaving technique?

Keep your skin clean

Firstly, it is important to give your skin sufficient rest. Do not shave your skin every day but also give it a day of rest to recover. Keep the skin clean by washing it regularly. In addition, nourish your skin by hydrating it sufficiently. Use an active day cream or other care. This replenishes your skin with the necessary building materials, such as vitamin E.

4. What if I still do not see a good result afterwards?

Philips Series 7000 for sensitive skin

After 3 weeks the irritation decreases and the new shaving technique has to give the right shaving result. Is that not the case now? Then something else is going on. So it may be that your skin is hypersensitive to the new shaving technique that you use. In that case it is advisable to take a look at shavers that have been specially developed for sensitive skin.

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