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How do you create a shared folder on your Synology?

A shared folder is a home folder where you can store and manage your files and subfolders. Before you save files you must have at least one shared folder. Through the step-by-step plan below, I will show you how you can create such a shared folder.

Create a shared folder

Synology shared folder
  1. Open http://find.synology.com in an internet browser to open the NAS user interface. For example Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet explorer. Do this on a computer connected to the same network.
  2. Then go to the control panel here.
  3. Choose 'Shared Folder' and then 'Create'.
  4. Enter the name and description of the shared folder, for example: 'Movies'.
  5. Select the volume where the folder is to be created (if you only have one volume you can skip this step).
  6. (Optional) Make a note of the name of the volume and the name of your folder, which you will need later on if you want to make the folder accessible on your computer.
  7. Press 'Ok'.
  8. You will now enter a next screen. Here you can set the rights for the folder per user. Do you want full rights? Then tick the 'Read / Write' option.
  9. Press 'Ok', you can now use the folder to save files.

Access via Windows

Now that you have created your first shared folder, you can access it via your computer. The instructions for this are available for Windows.

Approach via macOS

Do you want to access your files from macOS?

Is it not working?

We are happy to help you create a shared folder on your Synology NAS. Will it not work with the help of this step-by-step plan? Please contact our customer service.

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