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How do you test a smoke detector?

To make sure your smoke detector still works at it should, it's good to test it regularly. Testing a smoke detector doesn't take much time, but it's very important for the fire safety in your home. In this article, we'll tell you how to perform a smoke detector test.

In short

Which detectors should you test? All smoke, gas, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors
How often do you need to test? Once per month
How long does it take to test? About 20 seconds (per smoke detector)

Why is testing important?

Test smoke detector

You test a smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide detector to check if the battery and alarm are still working. Smoke detectors don't work forever. When your smoke detector reaches the end of its lifespan, it won't function properly anymore. Some smoke detectors have a replaceable battery and other models have an integrated battery. Integrated batteries usually last 10 years, after which you replace the smoke detector. Smoke detectors with a replaceable battery have a battery life of 1, 2, or 5 years. After this, you replace the battery.

How do you perform a test?

Test smoke detector

Test your smoke detector once a month. Choose a fixed moment that you can easily remember. Hold down the test button until the alarm goes off. Release the button or press it again to make the alarm stop. Is the smoke detector not sounding the alarm? Try holding down the test button a little longer. Sometimes, it can take as much as 20 seconds for the alarm to go off. Replace the battery if it's empty and test the smoke detector again. If the alarm (still) doesn't go off, buy a new smoke detector.

How do you test linkable smoke detectors?

Linkable smoke detectors

Linkable smoke detectors can be linked to other smoke detectors of the same model. If one smoke detector detects smoke, all detectors go off. This way, you can hear an alarm signal throughout the house. To perform a test, press the test button of a detector and check if all smoke detectors go off. Repeat this for every linked detector. If one of the smoke detectors doesn't work, replace the battery or the smoke detector. Check the manual to find out which applies to your product.

How do you test a smart smoke detector?

Test smart smoke detector

A lot of smart smoke detectors perform a test each month automatically. This is the case with the Nest Protect, for example. In the app, you can see when the detector performed its last test and what the result was. On top of that, a smart smoke detector often has a light that indicates whether something is wrong. It's wise to regularly test manually as well, so you can be sure the smart smoke detector still functions. That's why we still recommend a monthly test.

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