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Why choose an ultrawide monitor?

A monitor that gives you more screen space for productivity, entertainment and games? That's an ultrawide monitor. Two monitors are no longer needed, and you'll have an overview of all your work on one screen. Here, we'll explain what advantages an ultrawide monitor has.

What's an ultrawide monitor?

Ultrawide monitor

An ultra-wide monitor has a third more screen space in width than a 'normal' widescreen monitor. The screen ratio of an ultra-wide is 21:9, whereas a regular monitor has a 16:9 ratio. The extra screen space makes it easy to work with 2 (or more) windows next to each other. In addition to 16:9 and 21:9, there is also 32:9. These are super ultra-wide screens that are as wide as 2 regular monitors next to each other. A good alternative for a 2-screen setup.

More screen space

With a third more screen space (or double), you have more space for your work windows. Very handy for the office if you work a lot in text or Excel files. Ultra-wide is also useful for graphic design or image editing; you see more of your project, you have the space to use multiple drawing fields, and you fold out all your tools next to your work field, without getting in the way.


Many ultra-wide monitors have a form of 'split screen' software. This allows you to divide your screen into multiple planes that you use at the same time. Handy if you work with multiple sheets at the same time, but also want your internet browser and mail to be open at the same time. Sometimes split screen (or software with a different name) is built in, sometimes it has to be installed separately.

Gaming on an ultra-wide monitor

Certain games support gaming on an ultra-wide monitor, often with an adjustable Field of View (FoV) option. With a wider field of vision you see more of your games and you see opponents coming faster. This gives you the advantage in shooters, MOBAs and grand strategy games. In addition, you do not suffer from screen edges that you have when you normally play with several 'normal' monitors next to each other.

Automatic image scaling and watching movies

When you have connected and set up your screen as desired, you immediately use all your programs without scaling the software. That means that you don't have to set anything to have your programs adjust to the 21:9 aspect ratio of your ultra-wide monitor. Movies in cinema format also look a lot better on an ultra-wide monitor. With this film format you see no black bars above and below the image.

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