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Updating Windows on your PC

The most common problems with your computers often have one and the same solution: updating Windows or updating your driver. Does your internet connection no longer work? Does not your mouse or your keyboard respond? Do you get no picture when you connect a monitor to your PC? Or do you have a similar technical problem? Then read on quickly.

Update Windows

A simple update of Windows can sometimes be the solution to your problem. Below you can see step by step how to download the latest version of Windows.

Step 1: go to Settings

Windows 10 start menu.
  • Click on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen.
  • A number of icons appear above the Windows logo. Click on the icon with Settings, a gear.

Step 2: finding the latest update

Windows Update menu Windows 10.
  • In the newly opened window click on the Update & Security button.
  • Click on Search for updates and Windows will automatically search for the latest update.
  • As soon as the last update is installed you will see the message There are no updates are available.

Step 3: restart your PC

Restart via Windows menu in Windows 10.
  • Click the Windows logo at the bottom left.
  • A few icons will appear over the Windows logo. Click the On/Off icon.
  • Select Restart
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