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What do you need for a smart and safe home?

There are different smart products that make your house safer. For example, you can use a smart doorbell or security camera to keep an eye on everything remotely. And there are many more appliances that you can use to protect your home in a smart way. In this article, we'll tell you more about what you need for a smart and safe home.

Secure your home with an IP camera

IP camera

With an IP camera, you can see what happens in or around your house. The camera connects to the internet, so you can watch the security footage in the accompanying app. This app sends you a detection notification when something happens. You can watch along live or check the recorded footage afterwards. That way, you're always informed right away when something happens and you can take action if necessary.

Secure the front door with a smart doorbell

A smart doorbell with a camera records footage when people ring your doorbell. You can review the camera footage of a smart doorbell in the app. In addition, you can talk to visitors via the app when you're not home. The doorbell has a motion sensor, just like an IP camera. That means you also receive notifications when someone is at your door, but doesn't ring the doorbell. This way, you can use the doorbell to talk to the delivery driver, but also to scare away unwanted guests.

Pretend you're home with smart lights

Smart lights

When you automate your smart lighting, you can pretend to be home. That comes in handy if you're on a trip or a night out. Via the app of your smart lighting, you can have the lights turn on automatically at fixed times. That way, you don't have to do it yourself. Connect the lights to your IP cameras to activate them when someone appears on screen, so you can scare away intruders by putting them in the spotlight.

Prevent a break-in with a smart door lock

Smart door lock

With a smart door lock on the front door, you don't need a key anymore. The lock is connected to your smartphone, so you can open the door via the app. You use a numeric code, a special tag, or a fingerprint scan for this. That means you don't have to replace the lock when you loose a key. You can also decide who gets access via the app. This way, you can also let in friends with a temporary code if you're not home yet.

Directly informed of a fire with a smart smoke detector

Smart smoke detector

You're informed of the situation at home right away via the app of a smart smoke detector. In the case of smoke development, you get a notification via the accompanying app. In addition, you can also connect your smart smoke detectors to each other with this app. That way, you can create a large network of smoke detectors in your home. They'll all sound the alarm at the same time in case of a fire. Connect the smoke detector to your smart lighting, so the lights will start to blink when the alarm goes off.

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