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Which flight modes do drones have?

To control your drone, you can choose from different flight modes. This way, you can instruct the drone to perform a specific assignment, like tracking a moving object or flying a specific route. In this article, you'll find a detailed explanation of the most obvious modes so you'll know exactly what you can use these for.
Drone flight modes Active Track

Active Track

In this mode, your drone tracks an object or person while recording. You can choose which object you want it to track. The drone chases people in action, for example during sports, in a car, or on a boat. You can also let the drone track a stationary object. The device will fly around it without losing sight of the object.

Drone flight modes Cinematic Mode

Cinematic Mode

When you're making a (professional) movie, you want the images to look smooth. Cinematic Mode helps you with this. In this mode, the braking distance of the drone is extended, so the device will stop smoothly and not abruptly. In addition, the rotational speed decreases. This also looks smooth on the screen.

Drone flight modes Course Lock

Course Lock

When you turn on Course Lock, you make sure that the flight direction of the drone doesn't change. This is useful if you want the drone to fly into a specific direction parallel to an object while you continuously focusing the camera on the object by rotating the drone around its axis.

Drone flight modes Fixed Wing Mode

Fixed Wing Mode

In this mode, you let the drone fly like an airplane. Your drone continues to fly at the same speed as soon as you activate this mode. The camera will also rotate towards the direction you're flying in. When the drone descends, the camera records the surface as it's coming at the drone.

Drone flight modes Gesture Mode

Gesture Mode

Gesture Mode allows you to control the drone remotely. In this mode, you use hand gestures to control the device. This is very useful if you want to take a selfie or group photo without a controller in the image. In addition to taking portraits, you can instruct the drone to fly away or return by making hand gestures.

Drone flight modes Home Lock

Home Lock

It's possible that you lose sight of the drone. If this happens, you want the device to come back as soon as possible. The Home Lock function helps you with this. If you slide the control button down, the drone will fly back to you regardless of where it's located.

Drone flight modes Point of Interest

Point of Interest

It gives a nice cinematic effect to have your drone fly around a subject while recording. To achieve this effect, use the Point of Interest mode. When you've selected the right subject, the drone will keep flying around it in circles.

Drone flight modes QuickShot


You can use the QuickShot option take a cool shot quickly and easily. After selecting this mode, you have the best pre-programmed flight option for the subject you want to capture. You can choose from the flying styles Rocket, Dronie, Circle, and Helix. With Rocket, the camera keeps facing downwards while the drone ascends.

Drone flight modes TapFly


Via the TapFly option, you can let your drone fly to a specific location in a very simple way. All you have to do is tap that location on the screen. Your drone will fly there independently. You won't need to use your joysticks.

Drone flight modes Terrain Follow

Terrain Follow

Sometimes, you want your drone to keep flying at a preset altitude. You can use the Terrain Follow option for this. Once this mode is activated, the drone continues to fly at the altitude you've set. In a hilly area, the drone flies up and down automatically to stay true to the preset altitude.

Drone flight modes Tripod Mode

Tripod Mode

In Tripod Mode, you make sure the drone flies at a low maximum speed by default. This allows you to control the device more accurately. This is particularly useful when you're flying in an enclosed space and you want to prevent your drone from crashing into a wall.

Drone flight modes Waypoints


With Waypoints, you instruct the drone to fly a predetermined route. The drone covers the route by following the predetermined waypoints, which you can set in advance. This makes controlling the drone very easy, because you won't have to do anything yourself anymore.

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