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What is a telephoto lens and why should you choose one?

In this article, I'll tell you everything about telephoto lenses. What is a telephoto lens, which types are there, and what can you actually capture with it?

What is a telephoto lens?

Telephoto lens

A telephoto lens is a zoom lens that allows you to get far away subjects closer. Telephoto lenses have a focal length somewhere between 70mm up to 600mm. The focal length is simply the distance between the sensor and the center of the lens in millimeters. The larger this distance, the closer you can get to the image. A lens is called a wide-angle lens if it has a focal length of 24mm or smaller. It's a telephoto lens if it has at least a 70mm focal length.

What types of telephoto lenses are there?

Types of telephoto lenses

Telephoto lenses are available with a wide range of focal lengths. A variable focal length is common in telephoto lenses. This means that you can determine how close you get to the subject. With a 70-300mm lens, 70mm means you're already zoomed in on the image and 300mm will bring you really close to the subject. With a large zoom range, you run the risk of motion blur. The more expensive models have image stabilization to tackle this problem. Photographers whose pockets are less deep can use a tripod.

What do I photograph with it?

Telephoto lens photography

Telephoto lenses are very suitable for nature photography. If you're walking in nature and you see a deer in the distance, you want to take a photo. A telephoto lens makes the deer visible in the photo despite the distance. You don't have to get any closer and you won't scare the animal. In addition, telephoto lenses are widely used for sports photography. With a telephoto lens, you can take an impressive sports photo from the sidelines.

When do I choose a telephoto lens?

When do you use a telephoto lens?

Choose a telephoto lens if you can't get closer to your subject, but you want to take a good photo of it. Telephoto lenses have a large focal length that allows you to get close to subjects that are far away. If you like nature or sports photography, a telephoto lens is definitely a good choice. Choose an advanced model if you want to be sure of a sharp image. Keep in mind that these lenses are usually a bit more expensive and heavier.

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