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Work from home ergonomically and setup.

Working in an ergonomic way can be a challenge. We often slump in our chair or forget to do some stretching exercises. But you do want a healthy working posture. That's why it's important to work ergonomically. This way, you won't develop any physical complaints caused by a bad posture.

How do I make sure my home office is set up ergonomically?

Make sure that every component of your home office is ergonomic. Let's start with your desk chair. Always choose a desk chair that properly supports your lower back. This keeps you from slumping in your chair and adopting a bad posture.

The height of your desk chair is determined by your length. Make sure your legs are bent at a 90-degree angle when you sit in your desk chair. This way, your entire thighs are supported and you won't slump in your chair. You set up the arm rests in such a way that your shoulders aren't raised, but relaxed. This way, you can take on a good typing posture. The placement of your mouse and keyboard on your desk should be somewhere you can reach without having to adjust your posture. You can even choose an ergonomic mouse to promote a natural posture.

You desk should be set up to the same height as the arm rests of your chair. This way, you ensure that your shoulders are always relaxed and that you can comfortably type without resting your wrists at a bad angle. This is why it's better not to pop up the feet of your keyboard. These make you bend your wrists.

When your desk and desk chair are properly set up, it's time for your monitor. The top of your monitor should be at eye level and when you stretch out your arm, you should be able to touch the screen. The same goes for your laptop. You can use a laptop stand for this, for example. Make sure you can look straight ahead as much as possible to prevent back and neck complaints.

Tips to keep working from home as healthy as possible

  • For every 20 minutes of screen time, try to take 2 minutes away from your screen as well. This way, you rest your eyes, so you're more focused after.

  • Switch between standing up and sitting down as much as possible. Don't have a sit-stand desk? Just stand up every now and then, stretch, and grab a cup of coffee.

  • Make sure you get enough fresh air and allow yourself a walk for some exercise every now and then.

You can find more tips on how to set up your home office here.

Make sure you have good posture.

Do you suffer from physical discomfort during or after work? Maybe it's your posture behind your desk. To prevent these neck, back and/or wrist complaints, there are products that make you work ergonomically. In this article, we'll explain how you work ergonomically by paying attention to your posture, peripherals, and accessories.

I want a Home Office Store

What can I do to get a Home Office Store via my employer?

It's nice when your employer helps you get the most out of your home office. As an employee, it's smart to make your employer aware of the Home Office Stores from Coolblue. Refer your employer to Coolblue.nl/home-office-store. Here, we tell you all about the Home Office Store and your employer can make a request right away.

How can I sign up for a Home Office Store as an employer?

Plan a consultation with one of our coordinators and decide what your Home Office Store should look like. For example, do you just want desk and desk chairs in your assortment, or mobile phones and monitors as well? Made up your mind? Good. Then we'll create your protected Coolblue environment where your employees can choose from the different product categories. They can pay for the products themselves, or use the CoolblueCredit you've made available for them. The products are delivered to their homes the next day. And of course, we're ready to help out your employees after their purchase. This way, everything goes smoothly.

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