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Everything about the Google Nest WiFi

Google has launched the Google Nest WiFi. This multi-room WiFi system is the successor of Google WiFi. But the systems provides your whole house with more than just WiFi. The Next WiFi is also a smart home hub. So what else can you expect from this multi-room system? We'll tell you all about it in this article.

Google Nest WiFi White Duo Pack Multi-room WiFi

Simultaneous dual-band router | WiFi speed: 450 + 1733Mbps | Parental controls, MU-MIMO
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  • Thanks to the parental controls, you can protect your children from harmful websites.
  • The multi-room system supports MU-MIMO, which ensures a more stable wireless connection.
  • With the integrated voice assistant in the expansion, you can control your smart home devices with your voice.
  • The expansion has a lower WiFi speed than the base station, which lowers your maximum speed.

Multi-room WiFi for smart home

Google Nest WiFi smart home

The Google Nest WiFi is first and foremost a multi-room WiFi system. With this system, you provides your entire house with fast wireless internet. Compared to the Google WiFi, the range has even been slightly extended. You only need 3 Google Nest WiFi stations for a large house. In addition, every station has an integrated smart home hub. You can connect your devices to this, like smart lights or a smart thermostat. This way, you can combine several smart devices.

A voice assistant in every room

Google Nest WiFi voice assistant

In addition to being a smart home hub, every station also has an integrated Google Assistant. That means you can give voice commands to your smart devices in every room. Turn off the lights in your bedroom without getting out of bed, for example. Or turn on the thermostat in advance while you're still going up the stairs. You can also use the integrated assistant to listen to music in every room.

Higher speed

High speed

Fast WiFi is becoming more important. More and more people stream in 4K or play online games. You need a fast and stable WiFi connection for this. For the true speed devils, the Google Nest WiFi will be a big improvement compared to Google WiFi. The maximum WiFi speed of the multi-room system is almost 2 times as fast. And thanks to other improvements, your network will also remain stable when there are a lot of connected devices. This is ideal for larger families.

Striking design

Design Google Nest WiFi

The Google Nest WiFi has a striking design. The stations of this multi-room system are available in 3 colors. You can decide for yourself if creme, pink, or blue matches your interior better. Google WiFi has a discrete design, so you can sort of hide it away. That's not the idea for the Google Nest WiFi. You're supposed to give this system a prominent place in your living room. That would also make it easier to use the assistant.

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