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How do you choose a wireless doorbell?

When choosing a new doorbell, the connection between the doorbell button and the receiver inside the house can be a factor to consider. The first question you should ask is: How do you want to connect the doorbell? If you want a wireless connection, you're reading the right article. Here, you can read all about how a wireless doorbell works and what the possibilities are of such doorbells.

Choose a wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell

When you choose a new wireless doorbell, there are several properties you should keep in mind. The type of connection with the receiver is important, but also the communication options for visitors. Ask yourself the following:* What type of wireless connection do you want?* Do you want to talk to the person who rings the bell?* Do you also want to see the person at the door?* How are you going to install the doorbell?

How do you want to make the wireless connection?

Wireless connection doorbell

Because a wireless doorbell runs on batteries, you won't need any cables. Place the receiver within signal range somewhere in the house. The receiver and doorbell button communicate via DECT or WiFi. A DECT connection is secure and interference-free. The signal always works and if someone rings your neighbors' doorbell, this won't set off yours. Since WiFi doorbells can be linked to an app, they're smart. If your doorbell works on WiFi, a good Internet reception at the door is important. If you don't have a good reception, the doorbell won't always work.

Do you want to talk to the person at the door?

Wireless doorbell with two-way audio

If you choose a wireless doorbell with two-way audio, you can talk to your visitors directly. This provides extra safety. That's because you'll already know who is at the door before you open the door. Doorbells with two-way audio consist of 2 elements: a doorbell button and a receiver, also known as an intercom. In addition to doorbells with intercom, there are also smart versions. These have an integrated speaker, so you can communicate directly with the person at the door via your smartphone.

Do you want to see the person at the door?

Wireless doorbell with integrated camera

An integrated camera with your wireless doorbell provides extra security. You can see who is at the door via your smartphone or a wireless receiver. As a result, you can talk directly to the person using the two-way audio. This extra safe for senior citizens and children, because they can see who is at the door. Thanks to the camera, you can recognize unwanted visitors so you'll only open the door for people you know.

How are you going to install the doorbell and receiver?

Wireless receiver

You can easily set up a wireless doorbell. Place a battery in the doorbell button and attach it to the door frame with tape or screws. There are receivers that you connect to the power grid and wireless receivers that you can put anywhere. You can connect a receiver to the power grid via a socket. Wireless receivers run on batteries, so you can take them to any location indoors. Decide for yourself whether you need extra receivers in several places in the house.

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