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Advice on wireless doorbells

When choosing a new doorbell, the connection between the doorbell button and the receiver inside the house can be a factor to consider. The first question you should ask is: How do you want to connect the doorbell? If you want a wireless connection, you're reading the right article. Here, you can read all about how a wireless doorbell works and what the possibilities are of such doorbells.

1. How does a wireless doorbell work?

Wireless doorbells are easy to connect. They're powered by batteries, so you never have to mess around with cables. Mount the doorbell button on the doorjamb and place the indoor receiver wherever you want in the house (as long as it's within range of the doorbell button, of course). In addition to the doorbell button itself being wireless, the doorbell button and the receiver are also wirelessly connected. How the doorbell button and receiver communicate with each other wirelessly differs per doorbell. There are 2 possibilities:

DECT vs. WiFi


In the case of a doorbell with a DECT connection, the doorbell button and receiver are connected digitally and wirelessly. The doorbell button and receiver are designed to speak the same "language." A DECT connection is secured, so you can be sure that you won't hear your neighbors' doorbell in your house. In addition, the signal between both elements is 100% interference-free and you never have to worry about interference between both parts.


You can communicate with your visitor at the door via an app. Because you'll install the app (iOS and Android) on your smartphone or tablet, you'll receive a notification that someone is at your door wherever you are. Do make sure you always have Internet on your smartphone. In addition, it's important that the router and the doorbell (doorbell button) aren't too far apart. That ensures you always have an optimal signal.

2. Want to speak to the person at the door?

With a wireless doorbell with two-way audio, you can speak to your visitor directly. This increases security, as you will know who's at your door before you open it. A doorbell with two-way audio always consists of 2 elements: a doorbell button and a receiver. This type of doorbell is also known as an intercom. In addition, there are smart versions. These have an integrated speaker and let you communicate directly with the person at the door via your smartphone, wherever you are.

3. Want to see the person at the door?

A wireless doorbell with an integrated camera ensures extra security. Via the receiver – which can be a smartphone or a wireless receiver – you'll see exactly who's at the door. You can then talk to that person directly via the two-way audio. Especially for the elderly or children, this is an extra safe way to first find out who's at the door. It lets you immediately identify unwanted visitors, so you'll only open the door for people you want to let in.

4. How do you install a wireless doorbell?


The wireless doorbell is easy to install. Put a battery in the doorbell button. Next, put the double-sided tape on the back of the doorbell and attach it to the doorjamb. You of course also have the option to screw it down. Which option you choose depends on your preference.

(Wireless) receivers

There are different types of receivers. For instance, there are receivers that work on AC power and wireless receivers that you can carry with you anywhere. The receivers that work on AC power have to be plugged into a socket. The wireless receivers work on batteries and can be carried anywhere inside the house.

Extra receivers

Many doorbells can be expanded with extra receivers. The advantage of having multiple receivers in your home is that you'll hear the doorbell no matter where you are in the house. You can for instance put 1 receiver in the living room and 1 receiver in the garden on sunny summer days.

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