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This is how you take the best underwater photo

You go on a sun-sea-beach vacation and you want to take cool action photos in the water while swimming. You can read how to make the best underwater photo in this article. For example, you learn how to properly illuminate the photo. This way you come home with impressive photos of your snorkeling or diving adventures after your vacation.

Tip 1: choose the right waterproof camera

waterproof cameras

You need the right camera for underwater photography. Maybe you already have this at home. Almost all action cameras are suitable, these are often watertight up to 10 meters deep. With other models you take recordings up to 30 meters. You take this with you while diving in deep waters. An underwater housing ensures that every action camera is suitable for a larger underwater depth. Do you prefer to shoot with a compact camera? A number of waterproof compact cameras are also available.

Tip 2: provide sufficient light

underwater world

The deeper you go into the water, the darker the environment becomes. Therefore, try to stay as close to the water surface as possible. Enough sunlight falls on your subject to take a well-exposed photo. If you are shooting with bright sunlight, make sure that you do not block the light but that you photograph with the light. Then your subject will be highlighted precisely.

Tip 3: use the flash

brightly colored fish

If you go diving and go deep into the water, it is advisable to use the flash during shooting. The images otherwise become very dark. In addition, a flash ensures that more color is captured in the shot. If you start flashing, make sure that you are shooting close to your subject. If there is a lot of water in between, you can see many of the floating particles in the water through the flash.

Tip 4: move as calmly as possible in the water

school of fish

The more you move in the water, the more turbid the water becomes. You then have to wait until the water is clear before you can take a good photo. If you keep moving, you will have much less problems with this. A cloudy image can also arise due to the distance between the camera and the subject. If you shoot up close, you have little or no trouble with image-disrupting dust particles in the water.

Tip 5: take many photos in succession

vibrant coral

If you want to capture the beautiful fish in the water, you don't have much time to take a photo. Fish startled quickly and immediately disappeared. It is therefore smart to take a number of photos in succession with the burst mode. In this way there is at least 1 good photo in between. Taking multiple photos is advisable anyway because you are less stable due to the water. This gives you more chance of motion blur in your photos.

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