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What is the build quality of a microwave?

How long does a microwave last? That is the question we answer with the build quality. The higher the class, the longer the microwave will last. Do you want a good microwave? Then you are looking for a top class microwave. A microwave with a top class build quality has 70% of the important construction quality specifications. The other classes are middle and base class.

This is how we determine the build quality of a microwave

To determine in which class a microwave falls, we look at the following specifications:

  • Material inside: dirt adheres faster to a stainless steel interior than to a lacquered, enamelled or ceramic interior.
  • Material front: on hard material, such as stainless steel damage is less likely to occur than on plastic.
  • Platform: both the mechanical and the turntables are relatively quick to break. You do not run this risk without a turntable.
  • Material shelf: dirt attaches less quickly to enamel and ceramics than to glass and metal.
  • Lighting: an LED lamp lasts considerably longer than a halogen or incandescent lamp.

Top class microwave ovens

Top class microwave

If you want the best of the best, choose a top class microwave. In this class, a microwave has at least 70% of the above specifications. Through the use of high-quality materials you have years of pleasure from your purchase. A top class model does not have a turntable that breaks down relatively quickly. Another advantage of the absence of the turntable is that you can easily clean the interior. The microwave ovens have LED lighting. With an average of 40,000 burning hours you do not have to replace the lamp.

Mid-range microwave ovens

Mid-range microwave

A microwave with a middle class build quality has at least 50% of the listed specifications. It lasts less than a top class, but longer than a basic microwave. Scratches do not occur quickly on the stainless steel or coated front; he always looks neat. The turntable is usually made of glass, but many middle-class microwave ovens also have a platform where dirt adheres less. Think of an enamel, ceramic or metal plateau. This makes the plateau easier to clean.

Basic class of microwave ovens

Basic class microwave

The cheapest microwave ovens are in the base class, they have less than half of the above specifications. Do you not expect much of the quality? Then a basic class microwave is suitable. The materials used are of less high quality, which means that the microwave lasts less than a middle or top class model. A basic microwave has a glass, not switchable turntable and the lamp is usually a light bulb. A light bulb has fewer burning hours and is therefore faster to be replaced.

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