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What are the dimensions of a microwave?

To be sure that your new microwave will fit in the desired location, look at the dimensions of the microwave. Especially when you install the microwave in your kitchen, this is important. To make it easy, there are a number of standard sizes for built-in microwave ovens. Freestanding microwave ovens do not have standard dimensions, but can be subdivided into ranges.

Height free standing microwave

Height of microwave

The height of a freestanding microwave varies between 25 and 41 centimeters.

  • Low: less than 30 centimeters high.
  • Average: between 30 and 35 centimeters high.
  • High: higher than 35 centimeters.

Low microwave ovens have a relatively small volume of up to 25 liters or an average volume of up to 40 liters. A microwave with an average height generally has an average volume between 25 and 40 liters. Relatively high microwave ovens have an average or large content.

Width freestanding microwave

Width microwave

A freestanding microwave is between 43 and 60 centimeters wide.

  • Narrow: up to 45 centimeters wide.
  • Average: between 45 and 55 centimeters wide.
  • Wide: at least 55 centimeters wide.

Only solo microwaves can be narrow. They then have a relatively small volume of up to 25 liters. Wide microwave ovens almost always have a large capacity of 40 liters or more.

Depth freestanding microwave

Depth of microwave

The depth of a freestanding microwave varies between 30 and 58 centimeters.

  • Shallow: up to 35 centimeters deep.
  • Average: between 35 and 50 centimeters deep.
  • Deep: deeper than 50 centimeters.

A shallow microwave is almost always a solo microwave with a small capacity of up to 25 liters. An average deep microwave has an average volume between 25 and 40 liters. Deep microwaves have an average or ample content.

Height built-in microwave

Height of microwave (built-in)

A built-in microwave has a standard niche height of 38 centimeters or 45 centimeters. Here, a solo microwave is usually ± 38 centimeters high and a combi microwave ± 45 centimeters high. The difference between a solo and a combi microwave is that a microwave oven also has an oven function. You opt for a combi microwave if you want to prepare an oven dish in addition to heating and defrosting.

Width built-in microwave

Width microwave (built-in)

Built-in microwave ovens have a standard niche width of ± 56 centimeters. This means that the niche where you place the microwave should be 56 centimeters wide. The exact niche width can deviate a few millimeters per model. Always check the installation drawing before buying a microwave.

Depth built-in microwave

Depth microwave (built-in)

There is no standard depth for built-in microwave ovens. Most microwave ovens have a depth of 55 centimeters, but there are also models that fit in a shallower space. You can find the required depth of a built-in microwave on the installation drawing of the product.

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