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Advice on built-in microwaves

If you want to buy a built-in microwave, there's a few important things to keep in mind: the size of the built-in microwave and the niche dimensions for the built-in microwave. These important dimensions can be found on the installation drawing, but this isn't always clear. On this page, you can read about which built-in microwave you need and how you read the installation drawings.

1. What size do you need a built-in microwave?

You have 2 standard built-in microwave sizes: 38 and 45 cm high. To know what size you need, you need to measure the height of the room where you want to install the microwave. This space is called the niche. There are 3 niche sizes that are important when buying a microwave: niche height, niche depth and niche width. This video explains how to measure the niche height:

38 centimeters

Is the niche height in your kitchen about 38 centimeters? Choose a microwave with standard niche dimensions of 38 centimeters. As soon as you've found a specific model you want, you can check the exact niche dimensions of the microwave. They can sometimes differ.

45 centimeters

If your niche height is around 45 centimeters, it's best to choose a microwave with a standard niche height of 45 centimeters. Did you pick a model? Check the exact niche dimensions. They're listed on the product page, and sometimes differ from the standard niche dimensions.

2. Door type

When choosing a built-in microwave, pay attention to the way the door opens. A microwave can open horizontally or sideways. Don't place a horizontally-opening microwave too high, or you won't be able to take your food out easily.

3. How do you read an installation drawing?

Niche height

The niche height of a built-in microwave is always 38 or 45 centimeters. Often, multiple numbers are listed for the niche height. This is because the front of the microwave oven is taller, so it neatly fits the rest of the kitchen cabinets. For example, the niche height could be 450mm (A.) and the height of the front 455mm (B.). The niche height could also say 450 +5 or 455. The first number is the niche height, and the +5 are the extra mm or cm that the front of the microwave sticks out to fit the other kitchen cabinets. The niche height on this installation drawing is 450mm.

Niche depth

The niche depth is the depth of the space the microwave will be in. The depth is the distance from the backside to the front edge of this space. The niche depth on this installation drawing is 546mm.

Niche width

The niche width is the width of the space the microwave will be in. The width is the distance between both sides of the space the microwave will be in. The installation drawing has 2 sizes for this, too. That's because the front of the microwave is a little wider, so it neatly fits with the rest of the kitchen cabinets. For example, the niche width could be 548mm (A.), and the width of the front could be 594mm (B.). The niche width on this installation drawing is 548mm.

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