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Which oven or microwave fits in your IKEA kitchen?

You want a new built-in oven or microwave for your IKEA kitchen. But before you choose a model, you must of course first know whether it fits. That depends on the dimensions and which IKEA kitchen system you have; METOD or FAKTUM. In this article, we explain step by step how you choose the right built-in oven or microwave for your IKEA kitchen.

Determine which IKEA kitchen you have

​​​IKEA METOD kitchen system

​​​IKEA METOD kitchen system

The purchase date of your kitchen determines which IKEA kitchen system you have. Did you buy the kitchen after 2 June 2014, you have the METOD system. Don't remember the exact purchase date of your kitchen? You can also check the row of holes along the edges of the kitchen cupboard to see which system you have. The METOD system has a double row of holes.

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IKEA FAKTUM kitchen system

If you bought the kitchen before 1 June 2014, you have a FAKTUM system. Don't remember if you bought the kitchen in May or June 2014? There's another way to see which system you have. The FAKTUM system has a single row of holes along the edge of the kitchen cabinets, whereas the METOD kitchen system has a double row.

Choose an oven or microwave that fits

Built-in ovens

Do not worry; all built-in microwaves and ovens fit into the flexible kitchen cabinets from IKEA. Different formats are possible. If the niche of your built-in cupboard is higher than the niche size of your device, then place the shelf above it lower and you will have more cupboard space. If you choose a model whose niche sizes match those of the cabinet, you're always in the right place.

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