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How do I measure the niche dimensions of my oven or microwave?

If you buy a built-in oven or microwave, it is important that you know what your niche dimensions are. So you choose a device that really fits into your kitchen. Try to remove your current oven or microwave from the niche when measuring so that you measure more accurately. If this is really not possible, measure the device yourself or your closet.

Step 1: Niche height

measure niche height

You measure the niche height by measuring with a tape measure from the bottom to the top of the niche. Now you know exactly how high your device may be. Is your niche not empty? Then measure the box next to it or the device itself. Ovens have a standard height of 45 or 60. With microwave ovens this is 38 or 45.

Small ovens and microwave ovens


The smallest standard niche height for an oven is 45 centimeters. Most combi ovens are only available in this format.


The smallest standard nism for a microwave is 38 centimeters. Most microwave ovens of this size have no oven function.

Large ovens and microwave ovens


The largest standard niche height for an oven is 60 centimeters. An oven of this size is wider, but usually has no microwave function.


The largest standard size for a microwave is 45 centimeters. Most microwave ovens are used in this format.

Step 2: Niche width

measure niche width

Measure from the left side to the right side of the niche. You now know how wide your oven or microwave may be. The standard niche width falls between 55 and 60 centimeters. Is your current device still in the niche? Then measure the cupboard or the oven.

Step 3: Niche depth

measure depth of nerve

Place the tape measure at the back of the niche and pull it towards the beginning of your niche. This is the depth of your niche. Is your oven in the niche? Try to measure the box yourself. The standard recovery depth is about 55 centimeters.

IKEA kitchens

Do you have an IKEA kitchen? You'll probably have to deal with different sizes than those of the average kitchen. Do you have an oven or microwave with standard height dimensions? It will usually fit in your kitchen.

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Do you choose an oven or microwave?


A built-in oven has a standard niche height of 45 or 60 centimeters. You choose an oven if you like baking cakes, bread or cookies.


A microwave oven has a standard niche height of 38 or 45 centimeters. You use a microwave for heating or thawing food.

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