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Which fitness watch do you need?

You want to buy a fitness watch, but you have no idea which one to choose. Don't worry about it, I'm here to help. Which watch is the right fit for you depends on the exercises you do. After reading this article, you'll make a well-informed choice.

What functions should a fitness watch have a least?

Fitness tracker

A watch that you use for tracking fitness performance should at least have a heart rate monitor and fitness profiles. The heart rate monitor measures your heart rate via your wrist while you work out. With the different fitness profiles, the watch recognizes the exercises you do. That means the fitness watch won't confuse a couple of deadlifts or 50 squats with a few minutes on the treadmill. You get an accurate overview of your workout this way.

Basic functionalities

Fitness watch treadmill

If you want to use your watch to see how far and how fast you're running, your watch or fitness tracker doesn't need a lot of complicated functions. It important that your watch tracks distance and speed. On the treadmill, a motion sensor and the treadmill profile are enough. In the outdoors, a GPS sensor provides the most accurate reading. Choose a watch with music controls if you don't want to get out your smartphone every time you want to skip a song.

Training help

Fitness watch training schedule training help

Are you a real workout animal and do you want to improve yourself every day? Choose a watch with training help. A virtual partner or opponent keeps you motivated when your real-life workout buddy is on a holiday, for example. You can put together your own training on a watch with interval training. Choose the number of sessions and the length of the moments of activity and rest.


Fitness watch endurance

Do you work out to build endurance or lose weight? There are watches that can help with that. With a VO2 max reading, you see how much oxygen your body consumes. Does your watch display heart rate zones, then you can focus your workout even more. In a high heart rate zone you build endurance, in a low zone you focus on recovery. Choose a fitness watch that tracks how the amount of burned calories, so you know if you've burned enough calories. Watches that measure your fitness age show you if you're fit enough for your age.


Fitness watch heart rate chest strap Foodpod cadance

A fitness watch can do a whole lot. But there are some accessories that make your reading even more exact. For example, a heart rate chest strap that you wear on your chest. And there is also the Footpod. You attach this device to your shoe, so you get an exact idea of your distance and speed. With a cadence sensor, you get an exact reading of the amount of revolutions per minute on your bike. If you want to use one of these accessories, check if the fitness watch is compatible before you purchase it.

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