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Advice on smartwatches

Are you looking for a stylish watch that can do more than just show time? In that case, a smartwatch is a good choice for you. You can easily connect this smartwatch to your smartphone. But choosing the right watch isn't always easy. There are various usage situations for which we recommend certain specifications. On this page, you'll find all articles which help you choose a watch.


Smartwatches Coolblue employee

You can find answers to questions about specific functions of watches here. For example, what measures your heart rate more accurately, a heart rate belt or a watch with heart rate measurement.

Platforms per brand

Smartwatches in hand

Every watch uses its own platform in which it stores the measured data. You can view and analyze your data.

Advice on Apple Watch

Apple Watch on wrist

The Apple Watch connects seamlessly to the eco system of your Apple iPhone, MacBook, or iPad. The watch keeps you informed and helps you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read more about the Apple Watch here.

Advice on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch on wrist

With a Samsung smartwatch, you stay informed about the latest news and notifications. Samsung Watches come in many different versions. You can read more on Samsung smartwatches here.

Advice on Garmin

Make contactless payments with Garmin Pay

Are you looking for a sports watch? Garmin is a good choice. Garmin has a watch for every athlete. You'll also receive notifications on your watch. Read more about the Garmin smartwatches here.

Advice on Fitbit

Fitbit watch on wrist

The Fitbit smartwatches help you stay fit. You get movement reminders, it tracks your sleep, and measures your heart rate. Read more about the Fitbit smartwatches here.

Advice on other watch brands

Expert with watch on wrist

In addition to big names like Apple and Samsung, there are other brands with smartwatches. You can read more about the smartwatches of other brands here.

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