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How do you choose the right sports watch?

Depending on your sport, you want to measure certain sports data. This way, you can add more structure to your workouts and train more effectively. But how do you find the best sports watch for you? To make it easy for you, we've organized sports watches per sport. This way, you can easily make a choice.


Athlete with running watch

Are you looking for a sports watch to measure your running performance? There are a number of specifications that we recommend. The most important factor for measuring your running performance is a built-in GPS receiver. This shows your pace (speed) and distance traveled on your watch. What the watch has to be able to do depends on how fanatically you run.


Cyclist with bike watch

Just like when running, the most important specification for cyclists is a built-in GPS receiver. That way, you can measure your cycled distance, speed, and route. You can also find the right bike watch by looking at how fanatic you are. Are you an occasional cyclist, regular cyclist, or performance-oriented cyclist? You can read more about this in the next article.


A swimming watch must be waterproof. In addition, you probably want to know how fast and far you swim. In a swimming pool, you can use the pool length and in open water, you can use a GPS sensor. SWOLF tracking is a popular measurement to determine your swimming efficiency, especially for fanatic swimmers. Read more to find out which specifications are relevant to your swimming style.


Triathlete with sports watch

During a triathlon, you have to run, cycle, and swim. It's important for a triathlon watch to be able to switch between different sport profiles at the touch of a button. You can read and measure the correct data during each part. The watch must also be waterproof. Read which properties we recommend for triathletes in the following article.



Wearing a golf watch can promote your game. All the watches that we recommend for golfing indicate the distance to the green, so you'll know how hard and with which club you should hit the ball. You can also see the distance of your stroke. A golf watch also shows obstacles on the course and measures your distance and route based on a built-in GPS receiver.

Mountain sports


Do you enjoy measuring your data in the mountains, while hiking, climbing, or skiing? Choose a watch that we recommend for outdoor adventurers. These watches always have GPS, a built-in heart rate sensor, and an altimeter. It also has a compass in case you lose your way. Do you also want to measure the oxygen level in your blood? Choose a watch with a saturation meter.


Fitness with sports watch

For fitness, look for a watch that has a heart rate sensor and fitness profiles. You don't need much more. The watches that we recommend have both functions. During a training, you can choose the exercise that you are going to do and the watch will measure the correct data. Fitness watches often also have simple exercises for the home, such as burpees or crunches. Do you train specifically for burning fat or improving your endurance? We recommend a watch that indicates in which heart rate zone you train.

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