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How do you choose the right watch size?

When you're choosing a watch, it's important to think about the size. It doesn't matter how good the watch looks, what is really important is how it looks on your wrist. But how do you find the right one? In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know to buy the right size watch.

Measure wrist

How to measure wrist circumference

It's important to know your wrist circumference when you're deciding which size watch case is right for you. You measure this circumference by wrapping a tape measure around your wrist. Do this at the height of the wrist bone. To find this bone, run your fingers along your wrist until you feel a bump. Don't have a tape measure? Wrap a string around your wrist and mark the place where your wrist is encircled with a marker. You can use a ruler to measure the distance from the end of the string to the marking.


Watch sizes

What size you prefer is a matter of taste. To give you a sense of the sizes, we've divided the them in 4 categories. Smaller watches (S) are most suitable for a wrist with a maximum circumference of 15 centimetres. Medium watch cases (M) look good on a circumference of 15 to 17 centimetres. Large watches (L) fit a circumference of 17 to 19 centimetres. We recommend extra large watches (XL) for a wrist circumference of 18 centimetres and larger, but this size always looks hefty.

Sizes Apple Watch

Size Apple Watch

Sizing runs a bit different on the Apple Watch. Apple Watches are available in 4 different sizes, which are divided based on their height. The Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 are available in 40 and 44 millimetres, the Apple Watch Series 3 in 38 and 42 millimetres.

  • The Apple Watch 38 millimetres fits a wrist circumference of 130 to 200 millimetres.
  • The Apple Watch 40 millimetres is also suitable for a wrist circumference of 130 to 200 millimetres.
  • The Apple Watch 42 millimetres watch case looks nice with a wrist circumference of 140 to 210 millimetres.
  • The Apple Watch 44 millimetres is also suitable for a wrist circumference of 140 to 210 millimetres.

Exterior features

How big a smartwatch

Aside from the width of the watch case, there are several other exterior features that determine how how big the watch looks. A thick border around the screen will make a watch look bigger, for example. The thickness of the watch case and the width of the strap also influence the way the watch looks on your wrist. And don't forget about the size of the buttons on the watch. Larger buttons make the watch look larger.

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