Fitbit support

You bought your Fitbit because you want to be healthier and more active. On the pages below, we'll help you with any questions you might have about your Fitbit. From advice on linking your Fitbit to your phone to tips on how to make the battery last a bit longer. You'll find all the information you need to get started on achieving your goals.

Installing your Fitbit

Install Fitbit

You've just gotten your Fitbit and you'd like to get started right away. Naturally, but how exactly do you link your Fitbit to your phone? In this article, we tell you how step by step.

Resetting your Fitbit

Resetting your Fitbit

Is your activity tracker not responding when you press a specific button, or is the tracker not counting your steps? Many problems can easily be resolved by resetting your Fitbit. We'll tell you how for each model.

Fitbit isn't syncing with phone

Synchronizing your Fitbit

If the data tracked by your Fitbit doesn't appear on your phone, your Fitbit isn't syncing with your phone. This can have various causes. Read here how to resolve this issue.

Fitbit accuracy

Fitbit accuracy

Fitbit activity trackers accurately measure your steps, heart rate, or calorie consumption. Sometimes the tracker might, for instance, not count some steps. What's the reason? Read the answer here.

Fitbit battery

Fitbit battery

You've been wearing your Fitbit all day and just when you want to go out for a run, it poops out on you. That's something you don't want to happen again of course. We explain how here.

Fitbit coach

Curious about the possibilities of the Fitbit Coach app? Read everything on Fitbit Coach here.

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