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How can I increase the battery life of my Fitbit?

Nothing is more annoying than an activity tracker or smartwatch that fails just when you're doing that one lap of cycling. How long the battery of your Fitbit will last depends on how often you use it and to what extent you use different functions. Want your Fitbit to last as long as possible? Continue reading for tips to use your Fitbit's battery as efficiently as possible. That way, there'll be no more unpleasant surprises for you during the day.


  • Make sure that the All-Day Sync function in your Fitbit app is off. This function ensures that the tracker automatically syncs with your phone several times a day. Very useful, but unfortunately not conducive to the battery of your Fitbit and that of your phone.
  • Also the function Always Connected in the Fitbit app is not a good idea if you want your battery to last. This feature is useful when you want to improve the Bluetooth connection between your Fitbit and your phone. Unfortunately, this option is less for your Fitbit's battery.
  • Turn off the Quick View feature. This option ensures that the display of your tracker automatically lights up when you turn your wrist in your direction (so as if you are watching your watch).
  • Getting a reminder when you have not moved for an hour is of course very useful and good for your health. Unfortunately this option is less good for the battery of your Fitbit. You can turn this option off or adjust the time frame of the reminder. Or you simply walk 250 steps per hour, of course you can.
  • Notifications on your Fitbit, such as calls, messages or appointments, make your battery last longer. Do you expect a busy day at work and do you want to run a round in the evening? Then turn off your notifications temporarily.
  • Make sure your Fitbit is fully charged. To check if the battery is really full, disconnect your Fitbit from the charger for a few seconds and then put it back. If your tracker then indicates that the battery is fully charged then you know for sure.
  • Do not charge your Fitbit in extreme cold or heat.
  • Do not put the screen of your display on the brightest setting.
  • If you are not interested in your heart rate data, turn this option off. This ensures that the heart rate sensor, which requires a lot of your battery, is switched off.
  • Do not use music too much. This is also not conducive to the battery.

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