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The differences between hybrid and smartwatches

You're looking for something new for your wrist. In addition to the traditional analog watches, you can also choose hybrid watches and smartwatches. The difference between these watches is in the screen and smart functions. In this article, I'll explain the differences so you can make a better choice later.


hybrid watches

Hybrid watch: analog screen and a number of smart functions

A hybrid watch is a mix of an analog watch and a smart watch. Hybrid watches have a traditional dial with hands. You can connect a hybrid watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Are you receiving a message, call, or notification on your phone? A hybrid watch updates you with a vibration, light, or via the hands. Many hybrid watches also count your steps, calorie consumption, and measure your sleep. You can view this information in the corresponding app on your phone.

smart watches smartwatch

Smart watch: digital screen and extension of your smartphone

Smart watches differ from hybrid watches because they have a digital screen. You can use them as an extension of your smartphone. For example, it's possible to make calls and receive and send messages via a smartwatch. You can also install useful apps, such as Strava or Spotify. Do you want to consciously work on a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and better nutrition? A smartwatch offers help. Smartwatches, for example, have a heart rate and/or GPS sensor. This can give you more insight into your fitness, distance, and speed.

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