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How do I choose a health watch?

You have a desk job, you don't exercise enough, and you might even pay for the gym. It's a familiar story. A health watch is a useful tool to improve your health. Make sure to choose one with your health goals in mind. Every watch will at least help you to exercise more and to gain insight into the calories you burn.

I want to move more

Fitbit Inspire app

Every health watch encourages you to move enough. It measures your distance walked, the number of steps, and how much you still have to walk to achieve your daily step goal. Do you sit behind your desk all day at work? We recommend a health watch with a movement reminder. If you sit still for too long, you'll receive a notification. Get coffee for your colleagues, walk around, or do a few stretches.

I want to lose weight or eat healthier

Eat healthier

If you want to lose weight, it's important to consume less calories than you burn. All health watches keep track how many calories you burn based on your movement and heart rate. That way, you know approximately how much you can eat. Do you want to know exactly how much? Choose a watch that allows you to keep track of your calorie intake. By tracking what you eat, you're more aware of your eating pattern and you can see exactly how many calories you're consuming.

I want to know my stress level

Stress level smartwatch

Do you feel like you have a lot on your shoulders? Your work, family, and social life. You may experience stress. To check whether this is the case, look for a watch with stress measurement. Based on your heart rate variability, the watch gives an indication of your stress level. Your heart rate variability is the variation in time between your heartbeats. The higher the better. You're more agile, more resistant to unexpected situations, and you can prevent serious issues like a burnout.

I want to drink enough

Drink with smartwatch

Do you want to improve your health by drinking more water? It's useful to keep track of how many glasses of water you drink. This is possible on some watches. You can keep track of how much water you drink in the app on your phone or on the watch itself. The health watch shows you how much you still need to drink to reach the recommended 2 liters.

I want to improve my sleep pattern

Sleep with smartwatch

By choosing a health watch with a sleep tracker, you gain insight into the quality of your sleep. You can see how many hours you sleep and how long you're in the different sleep phases, for example. On top of providing interesting insights, it allows you to improve your sleep pattern by comparing nights. For example, you might not sleep well because you exercise at night. By analyzing your sleep, you can eliminate the cause and get a good night's sleep.

Do you want to do more for your health?

I want to exercise more and keep track of my progress

Do you want to improve your health by exercising more? In that case, a sports watch is more suitable. By tracking your performance in detail, you'll see your fitness improve. This will motivate you to keep exercising. You can also set goals. The watch will then give you training advice to achieve them. A sports watch can also have the above health options.

I want to install health apps

If you want to add health apps in addition to these health options, look for a smartwatch instead of a health watch. You'll be able to add a nutrition app that shows you whether you're getting enough vitamins or proteins. Or you can install an app to help you quit smoking. Those apps show how much your health improved and how much money you've saved by not smoking cigarettes.

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