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Apps to monitor your sleep with the Apple Watch

Insight into your sleeping pattern will help you improve your sleep. Maybe you sleep best early in the evening, or perhaps getting up early is better for your energy level than sleeping in. There are several apps that you can use to track your sleep habits with the Apple Watch. Wear your watch at night and gain more insight into your sleeping pattern. In this article, we'll tell you which apps are suitable to track your sleep with the Apple Watch.

Sleep ++

Sleep ++ app

You can download Sleep++ for free via the App Store. Before you go to sleep, turn on the app on your Apple Watch. Sleep++ uses the motion sensors of the Apple Watch to measure your sleep. We recommend that you put your smartwatch in airplane mode at night to save battery. In the morning, you can stop the sleep monitoring with the push of a button. The Apple Watch displays the processed data in a well-organized chart. You can see how long you've slept and when you were awake, both in percentage and minutes.


AutoSleep app

You can download AutoSleep in the App Store on your Apple Watch and on your iPhone. This means you can view the readings both on your iPhone and on your Apple Watch. As opposed to Sleep++, AutoSleep not only monitors how you move in bed, but also how your heart rate fluctuates during the night. The app uses this information to estimate when you were in deep or light sleep. Combined with the specified number of hours as a sleep requirement, the app details your sleep quality percentage. Prefer to sleep without a watch? You can also measure your sleep that way. The app only registers how long you've slept and not the quality of your sleep.


Apple Watch Pillow app

The Pillow app not only gives you detailed readings of your sleep, but also wakes you at the ideal moment. If Pillow observes light sleep in the morning, close to when your alarm is set, the app sounds an alarm at that moment. That way, you'll wake up well-rested. The readings start and stop completely automatically. Do you want to see your sleep history, listen to your own snoring, or check your sleeping heart rate? You can also do this with Pillow if you get a subscription.


Apple Watch SleepWatch

You sleep several hours each night, but do you rest well enough during those hours? The SleepWatch app will assess this for you. The app determines the quality of your sleep based on the time, your heart rate, and the stages of your sleep. You can easily view this data in daily reports and sleep trends.

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