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5 reasons why I need a smartwatch

Monitor messages, improve your lifestyle, and navigate from A to B. With a smartwatch, it's all possible in an instant. Wondering what a smartwatch can do for you? View all 5 benefits of a smartwatch here.

2. You're informed of messages and phone calls quickly

making calls on a smartwatch

How many times a day do you take your phone out of your pocket because you received a message? By connecting your smartwatch to your phone, you can see whether a message is important at a glance. Some smartwatches even allow you to refuse the call and send a message. You can text your partner that you're still in a meeting and call back later, for example.

3. You can navigate from A to B

smartwatch navigation

You can navigate with some smartwatches. You don't have to cycle with one hand to view your route, because you can just look at your smartwatch. You can see whether you need to turn left or right at a glance. The smartwatch shows you the way via (spoken) directions or vibrating signals, so you'll reach your destination as quickly as possible.

4. You can easily turn on your favorite music

smartwatch music - smartwatch with music

Leave your phone in your bag and control the music with your smartwatch. Skip that one song that you don't like or adjust the volume. Some smartwatches have an integrated music player. In this case, you can save the music on your watch. Leave your phone at home while running and still listen to music.

5. You can pay contactless without a bank card

Contactless payment smartwatch

More and more smartwatches allow you to pay contactless. That means you can connect your smartwatch to your bank's app. If you want to pay, hold the watch against the ATM. It couldn't be simpler. Contactless payment currently only works if you have an account with ABN AMRO or Rabobank, or if you have an ICS credit card.

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