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Cleaning BBQs: 5 tips

Cleaning the BBQ is not a job that you look forward to after a delicious meal. In fact, you always hate cleaning your barbecue. Yet, it's important for the lifespan of your barbecue to clean it every time. We therefore give you 5 simple tips for cleaning your barbecue.

1. Avoid burnt dishes

Avoid burned food

Before you start barbecuing: always grease the barbecue rack with sunflower or olive oil. This prevents the meat or vegetables from sticking to the rack and then burning. Another trick for maintaining the grill rack is to rub it with lemon juice. Simply cut a lemon in half and distribute the lemon over the grill rack while grilling. This prevents the fat of the meat from sticking to the rack. Saves you a lot of time when cleaning your BBQ.

2. Don't wait until the next day

Clean the rack

Because you won't be pleased. Food residue, grease and other grit has hardened and is stuck on the grill rack. There are various cleaning products that help you clean your BBQ rack. Make sure the rack is still a little warm. You then easily remove food residue with a steel brush. When the rack is clean, we recommend greasing it with vegetable oil. This way, the rack will rust less quickly.

Clean cast iron rack

Do you have a cast iron rack? Only clean this with hot water and a brush. Dry the rack well and put it in a 150-degree oven for 2 minutes. Then grease the rack with vegetable oil and it's ready for the next use. Is your barbecue rack about to give up the ghost and full of rust spots? If so, a new rack is a better option.

3. Don't forget the barbecue itself

All barbecue covers

To enjoy your barbecue for as long as possible we also recommend to clean the exterior after every barbecue session. Don't use abrasive cleaning products, but products that are properly help remove grease, but are also mild for the material. Keep your abrasive sponges in the cupboard. Preferably use a soft cloth so the material of your barbecue will shine beautifully. Afterwards, protect your barbecue with a BBQ cover so that it will also shine during the next season.

4. Tip especially for the charcoal barbecue

Tip for charcoal barbecue

After barbecuing, remove all food remains and ash from the charcoal barbecue bowl. If you don't do this, you will experience smoke development during the next barbecue session. Clean the bowl with warm water, some detergent, and a cloth. If necessary, scrape away any food leftovers with a little bit of steel wool.

5. Tip especially for the gas or electric barbecue

Tip for gas or electric barbecue

Cleaning a gas or electric barbecue is a little easier. You first remove the largest leftovers from the rack and then close the lid. Put the barbecue at the highest setting and wait about 15 minutes. You then easily brush off the burned food remains. When cleaning an electric barbecue, make sure you unplug the appliance before you start using water.

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