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Compare iOS to Android for business use

Suppose you want to buy smartphones for your employees. What devices should you choose, and which operating systems are most suitable? Can't decide between Android and iOS? We'd like to help you by going deeper into the advantages of both operating systems for business use in this article. We focus on 3 important aspects: security, Mobile Device Management (MDM), and price.


iOS Apple business safe

iOS: closed and very secure

We can find iOS on iPhones. The device and the operating system are both made by Apple so they connect seamlessly. This makes the iPhone almost impossible to hack. Emails with business-sensitive information are encrypted on the iPhone via S/MIME. You'll have to install a certificate only you and the recipient have the code of. You can lock apps with a separate PIN code. This makes apps such as Mail, Calendar, and Messages extra protected.

Android business safe

Android: more freedom, but caution is required

Android is an open operating system you can find on smartphones by a number of different brands. Does the device have Android One? You'll always be able to install the update soon after it comes out. You can also install unauthorized apps on Android. This freedom makes Android a lot more vulnerable. Do you want to keep the smartphone safe? Apps from the Play Store have been declared safe by Google. Sending encrypted emails is possible, but you'll have to use an app.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Apple mobile device management separate

iOS: work and private life separated

Support for Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes standard in iOS. On your iPhone itself. you see hardly anything, but the connected devices can be managed centrally in the background. This allows you to determine which apps can or can't be installed, and to what extent the user is restricted in the use of their smartphone. In addition, iOS automatically keeps private and work data separate. Holiday photos aren't listed alongside photos that you took during a work visit.

Android mobile device management business

Android: various options

You have different MDM options for Android via Android For Work. For example, you can choose not to allow personal accounts as an administrator. That way, you can manage your employees' smartphones completely. Another, perhaps more desirable, possibility is to provide the device with both a private and a work account. The employer manages the work account, while the user sets up the private account according to their own wishes. You can use the folders on the tabs to keep business and private apps separate.


iPhone price business

iOS: pricey, but worth it

If you choose iOS, you automatically choose an Apple iPhone. These aren't the cheapest devices, as the newest models easily cost. Fortunately, you get value for money. iPhones look nice, iOS is a user-friendly operating system, and the software runs smoothly. Even with extensive use. Moreover, the software updates for iPhones are guaranteed for 4 to 6 years.

Android price business

Android: lots of choice in different price ranges

Android is used by multiple phone manufacturers. Think of popular brands like Samsung, Motorola, or Nokia. This gives you a choice of many smartphones, in all price ranges. You can find decent Android smartphone for a reasonable price. When you purchase an Android phone, think carefully about how much it will be used. More affordable models perform less well than more expensive smartphones if you use them a lot. The more advanced devices generally have more memory and a better processor.


Both operating systems are comparable in terms of Mobile Device Management. You can keep work and private life separate and the employer manages the work area. The difference is most present in safety and price. Because iOS is a closed system, it's almost impossible to hack. You'll also continue to receive updates, unlike Android. Android is an open system and is more vulnerable if employees don't pay attention. The range of Android devices in different price ranges is a lot larger, though. Phones with iOS are generally more expensive.

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