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Android for Work: what is it and what can I use it for?

Android for Work is a platform that exclusively caters to business users. This platform makes separating your work and private life on your Android smartphone a breeze. But how does it work, and what are the advantages? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the different functions included in Android for Work.

What is Android for Work?

Android business

Android for Work is a platform within the Android operating system, aimed at the business user. To use it, an IT administrator within your company must contact Google. The IT administrator then installs the software on various smartphones via the Android for Work app. The most important parts of Android for Work are Work Profiles, Google Play for Work, and special productivity apps.

Work Profiles

Android Enterprise work profile

As soon as Android for Work is installed on your smartphone, you can use Work Profiles. The premise is simple: you create a separate work and private profile. This way, you can keep business and personal information separate on one telephone. The IT administrator manages the business part and has nothing to do with the private profile. Because you'll always have your business and private life at hand, employees don't have to constantly walk around with 2 telephones.

Google Play for Work

Google Play for Work

Google Play for Work is the business app store of Android. The apps that you find here have been found safe by Google for business use. In addition, the IT administrator may or may not allow apps or push them towards employees' accounts. For employees, Google Play for Work works the same as the normal Google Play Store. In short: the IT administrator determines which apps can or should be downloaded. Employees can then download these apps themselves, whether it's required or not.

Productivity apps

Android business apps

As a company, you want your employees to be productive: anytime, anywhere. Android for Work offers a collection of productivity apps that employees can use on the go. Think of apps like email, contacts, and a calendar with built-in support for Exchange and Notes. An option to edit documents has also been included. The documents can easily be stored in the cloud. This way, employees aren't bound to their usual work spaces. All of these apps are pre-installed on the Android for Work platform.

Which smartphones are suitable?

Which smartphone Android for Work

Use Android for Work on smartphones with Android 5.0 or higher. Today, almost every available Android smartphone is equipped with the appropriate software version. Curious which brands of devices have Android? It's easy enough to remember: every brand, except Apple. So you have a wide choice for a smartphone brand: from Samsung to Nokia and from Huawei to Motorola.


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