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What is the difference between 4G iPad and WiFi iPad?

With the Apple iPad with 4G connectivity, you can use the internet everywhere. You can only connect the Apple iPad without 4G to the internet if a public or private WiFi network is available. In this article, I explain the differences between a 4G iPad and a WiFi iPad. You can also read how to use 4G on your iPad.

iPad with 4G connectivity

Apple iPad with 4G

With an iPad 4G or iPad Cellular, you can connect to the Internet anywhere, even in places without WiFi. The 4G connection is made via the mobile network, for which you need a data plan with a provider.  Are you often on the road and can't use a WiFi network as often? If so, it's a good idea to opt for an iPad with 4G connectivity. The disadvantage is that for mobile internet on your iPad, you always have to pay for a plan with a provider.

iPad with WiFi connectivity

Apple iPad with WiFi

You can connect to a WiFi network with every iPad. This can be a public network, such as in a restaurant, or a private network, such as at home. You can use public networks for free, but you often need a password. In this case, just open Safari to confirm the connection and enter the password if required.

Please note: connecting to public WiFi is unsafe; for example, never log on to a public network with your bank details.

How does 4G work on my iPad?

SIM card 4G iPad Apple

To have mobile internet on your iPad, you need a SIM card with an internet plan. Every sim card with a data plan is suitable for use with the Apple iPad. You can, for example, take out a separate plan with a provider, or you can use the SIM card from your smartphone. Pay close attention to the size of the SIM card. Only a nano SIM card fits into the Apple iPad, while smartphones sometimes also support micro SIM cards.

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