Written by Devon

Which cooktop fits in your IKEA kitchen?

You're looking for a new built-in cooktop for your IKEA kitchen. Whether you have had an IKEA kitchen for a while or have just bought a new one; in both cases you must first know the thickness of your kitchen counter and the niche dimensions. Only then will you know which cooktops are suitable for your IKEA kitchen.

New IKEA kitchen without a niche

Built-in cooktop

All cooktop models fit into an IKEA kitchen. When you buy a new kitchen, the IKEA cuts the niche to size. Is there a cooktop on your wish list? If so, have the niche sizes cut to match and make sure your kitchen counter is thick enough. The depth from the kitchen counter to the wall must be at least 63.5 centimeters and the distance between the niche and the wall at least 5.5 centimeters.

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