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Where do I download e-books?

Thousands of books fit on an average e-reader, but where exactly do you get those books from? There are several sites where you download free e-books, and at online bookstores let you download e-books for a fee. At the Library, you can borrow e-books with a subscription just like you would borrow normal books. In this article, you can read how it all works.

Download free e-books

Download DNBL e-books

You can download e-books for free anywhere on the internet, but the quality is differs a lot. A reliable site is Project Gutenberg, for example. It focuses particularly on books of which the copyright has expired, so they can be distributed free of charge. Here you will find classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick. The Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren (Digital Library for the Dutch Literary Arts) has a similar site, but for Dutch books. For example, download Max Havelaar here and finally complete your high school reading list.

Borrow e-books from the online Library

borrow online library e-books

This is undoubtedly recognizable for book lovers: walking out of the library with a stack of 10 books, ready for the holidays. With a subscription to the online Library, you can easily borrow e-books through the site, from the comfort of your home and without all that lugging around. If you already have a subscription to the public Library, you automatically have access. You still need the Adobe Digital Editions program, because of copy protection. The site of the Library explains exactly what you must do to download books from their large e-book library.

Buy e-books from online bookstores

buying e-books in the bookstore

Many bookstores, especially the larger chains such as Bruna and De Slegte, have webshops where they offer e-books in addition to paper books. Larger webshops also often have e-books in their assortment. Very useful: e-books are always in stock and you can receive them within a few minutes via a download link. Here too, it sometimes happens that the books are protected and you can only open them through Adobe Digital Editions.

Download e-books via the Kobo Shop

buy Kobo Shop e-reader e-books

Kobo is one of the largest e-reader brands and also has its own webshop, the Kobo Shop. Here you can buy e-books or take out a subscription (Kobo Plus). Kobo also offers many free e-books, but they're not the bestsellers. You can download books via your computer, but also via your Kobo e-reader itself. For that, you only need a WiFi connection and a credit card. On your Kobo e-reader, go to "Shop Kobo", buy an e-book and the book will be added to your library automatically.

Extra information: file formats


E-books are offered in various file formats. The most common is ePub, which all e-readers can open without problems. Older books can sometimes be found as a PDF file, often consisting of a collection of scans of the paper book. This is perfectly legible, but doesn't look as good as a 'real' e-book. You sometimes receive e-books from book stores or the Library as an ACSM file, as copy protection. To open an ACSM file you must download Adobe Digital Editions; this program converts the e-books to ePub.

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