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Expert review of the Samsung RS68N8941SL Family Hub

With the Samsung RS68N8941SL Family Hub, Samsung is launching the first fridge with a touchscreen. I wonder if the touchscreen and the other functions are worth the extra price. I tested the Family Hub and am convinced. Read my findings here.

In short

American fridge (178cm high) | Energy label A++ (costs 70-90 euros per year) | With water dispenser and ice maker
no longer available
  • The built-in touchscreen is fast and offers many options.
  • It's a fridge, tablet, and speaker in 1.
  • I always know what's in the fridge, thanks to the cameras in the fridge compartment.
  • The Family Hub searches for recipes based on what's in the fridge.
  • I receive notifications on my phone when products threaten to expire.
  • To mirror my TV, I need a Samsung TV from after 2015.
  • Doesn't have a crisper drawer for longer storage of meat, fish, or vegetables.

First impression

Family Hub Samsung

When I see the Family Hub for the first time, I notice that the fridge is a true showpiece. This is mainly thanks to the touchscreen. We have never seen a screen in a fridge door before, so it's certainly unique. When I look at the available apps, I don't think all of them have added value. For example, I'd rather read the news on my tablet at the breakfast table than on the fridge.

Striking and sleek design

Side family hub

The built-in touchscreen is completely recessed in the stainless steel door, making the design look very sleek. There are also no visible screws, and even the door handles are integrated in the door. Due to the touchscreen in the right door, it's slightly more difficult to open than the left door, but that was to be expected. The dispenser has a minimalistic design, because the spout is hidden in the fridge itself.

Integrated touchscreen

Touchscreen family hub

Beforehand, I was afraid that the touchscreen would be slow and unnecessary, but that's not true. The service speaks for itself and it responds quickly to my touch. The screen is slightly above the center so every family member, large and small, can use it. I myself am not that tall with only 1.66 meters, so I can easily look at the screen when I am close. For someone who is tall, it's less comfortable.

Music and entertainment

Family hub with music

Thanks to the many apps, the Samsung Family hub is more than just a fridge. I play music via the Spotify app, but can also choose from the radio or play music via my phone. It's possible to mirror your Samsung TV on the touchscreen, so that you don't miss a single moment of your favorite program while cooking. Unfortunately, you do need a Samsung TV from after 2015 for this and I don't have one. If you have one, it's definitely a useful function.

Food management by camera in fridge compartment

Food management family hub

The Family Hub knows what's in the fridge thanks to the camera in the fridge compartment. If I indicate when I put something in the fridge, it will send a message if a product is about to expire. Nice, because this way, I throw away less food. With the Recipe app, I can look for a recipe with the product that has to be consumed and other ingredients in the fridge. What's nice is that I can immediately send the necessary ingredients to the shopping list on my phone. If I'm at the supermarket and wonder if I still have eggs, I can take a look in the fridge via the app.

Plan help for families

Plan help family hub

After testing, it quickly becomes apparent that the fridge is called the Family Hub for a good reason. It seems particularly useful to families. By synchronizing the calendar of each family member with the calendar on the fridge, everyone is aware of each other's plans. With the meal planner, you can plan meals for the rest of the week. You will never again be asked what's for dinner tonight. By putting the ingredients on your shopping list immediately, you can do all the weekly shopping in one go.

Longer fresh products

Longer fresh products in family hub

Samsung promises 'ultimate freshness'. Given the many extras for better cooling, I believe that my groceries will stay fresh longer. Whether that is 'ultimate' is something else entirely. The inverter motor ensures a stable temperature and thanks to the 2 independent cooling systems, the humidity is better. When the door is open, the metal plate keeps the interior cool and the multiple vents ensure even cooling. A downside: for this price, I had expected fresh zones.


As far as I'm concerned, the Samsung Family Hub is a must for modern families who lead or want to lead an organized life. Honestly, there are too many benefits to name them all. For me, watching recipes based on the contents of your fridge, playing music, and being able to look in the fridge outdoors stand out. I am less enthusiastic about the fact that you need a Samsung TV from after 2015 to watch TV in the kitchen.

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