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Benefits of a monitor next to your laptop screen

Laptops are ideal for use on the go, since you can carry them around anywhere. That's why the screen on your laptop is often not that large. If it was, you laptop would get heavy and harder to carry. Want to use the computer on a bigger screen now and then too? Using an extra monitor for at home has several advantages. For example, you can expand your laptop screen, giving you extra screen space for your text documents, graphical programs, movies, and games. I'll explain to you why the extra pixels on a monitor will come in handy.

Use your laptop as a desktop

Laptop as a desktop monitor

When you connect a laptop to a separate screen, that basically makes your computer a desktop. Convenient, since it gives you a larger screen to work on. On top of that, you'll only need to use 1 cable to connect your laptop: the video cable. This is often the HDMI cable. You can insert USB flash drives and hard drives directly into your laptop. Leaving the house? All your files will, of course, simply come with you. When you get home, you'll pick up where you left off immediately.

Portrait mode for long texts

Monitor in portrait mode

Do you read reports, theses, or other long texts a lot? On a laptop, that means you'll keep scrolling. Got a separate screen for your laptop? You can easily put a second, tiltable screen in portrait mode. That is, the pivot function allows you to easily turn the monitor 90 degrees to the left or right, so you can lean back and read the text at a glance. That way, you'll absorb all the information without a single scrolling motion.

Extra screen space for your MacBook

Extra image space MacBook monitor

Got a MacBook and want to expand your screen? Mind the video connectors on your Mac and your monitor. That way, you'll know for sure you'll be able to use Photoshop, watch movies, and edit Office documents on your second screen.

Wider image for Office documents

Wider image on monitor

Most laptop screens are between 13 and 15 inches. Because of this, Office documents such as spreadsheets filled with data aren't always clear. Using an external screen with your laptop? In that case, you can display an entire spreadsheet on your laptop screen and your monitor screen. That way, you'll find what you're looking for more quickly, and process data more effectively.

Extra screen space for graphical applications

Monitor for graphical application

Regularly edit graphical material for study, hobby, or work? On a laptop, this can feel somewhat like you're fiddling around. When you connect an extra monitor, you can use this screen as a preview. You'll immediately see any changes you make to image material in Photoshop or video editing programs on your monitor's large screen. You'll use your laptop screen as a clear cockpit, in which you quickly click on menus and apply changes directly.

Better movie experience

Watching movies on your monitor

Got time for a break in between working or studying? With a second screen, you'll display your favorite Netflix series or downloaded movie in an extra large way. This'll allow you to get deeper into your movie and the story. If you choose a screen with a larger video resolution than your own laptop, you'll be watching videos with extra sharpness and detail.

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