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Advice on a dual-screen setup

The use of 2 screens side by side offers a number of advantages. So thanks to a double screen you have extra workspace for your browser, spreadsheets or photo and video editing both at the office and at home. Are you going for a double monitor set-up, what are you paying attention to? I tell you what the advantages are of a double screen and what you pay attention to for purchase.

Work at home and multitask

Working from home multitasking 2 monitors

If you work at home, working with 2 screens is very practical. You have, as it were, a large desktop on which you work. If you work a lot with data or numerical information, a duo-setup overview creates on your left or right screen. This way your data will be processed faster and more efficiently. In addition, multitask you faster an easy with a dual screen. This way you keep a chat application open with colleagues or customers or you have a browser quickly on hand to search for data.

For graphic use

2 monitors graphic design

If you work regularly in video or photo editing software, a duo setup ensures a good workflow. You choose yourself what you do with 2 screens. Display a folder with all the photos you edit, use the screen as a preview mode to instantly see changes, or display your browser for support and comparison material.

Game streams and video walkthroughs

Game streams video walkthroughs 2 monitors

Fully displaying a game on 2 screens is not recommended. The action takes place mainly in the middle of your screen, and there is the screen edge. You do use this second screen for a walkthrough or YouTube video while you gamet. If you stream via Twitch or YouTube, you use the double screen for your chats, stream settings and to respond to comments.

Multiple screens or an Ultrawide?

Ultrawide monitor

If you play regularly or play movies and series more often, then an Ultrawide is more beautiful and pleasant to use thanks to the absence of a screen edge. You play movies on an Ultrawide monitor in cinema, without black bars. In games you have a broader playing field to move in the game world.

Work ergonomically with two screens

Working with two screens means you have the advantage of not having to open or close as many windows. This means you won't use your keyboard and mouse as much, which is much better for your hands and wrists. An ergonomical disadvantage is that it's more difficult to stay in a neutral neck position. You'll invariably move your head more than if you have one screen. The aim is limiting these neck movements by creating a good setup. This all depends on how you use your screen. Do you use both screens equally (50/50), or do you have one main screen with an "extra" screen on the side (80/20)?

2 screens

50/50 use

With equal use of the monitors, you should place the screens an arm's length away, with the inner edges exactly in the center. Slightly turn the screens inwards so they face you. Are you working on just 1 screen for a while? If so, position your chair, keyboard, and mouse so you're directly facing that screen.

2 screens

80/20 use

Do you use one monitor more than the other? If so, place that screen directly in front of you. Place the extra screen on the side and turn it towards you. Make sure the extra screen is on the side of your dominant eye. This is how you can determine which eye is dominant:

  • Make a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs.
  • Choose an object, such as a lamp or plant, at about a 6-meter distance.
  • Put your hands in front of you and place the object in the middle of the diamond.
  • Close your left eye and then your right eye.
  • Which eye showed the object in the center? This is your dominant eye.

What else to keep in mind?

Preferably choose the exact same monitor. Otherwise, you'll see annoying color differences, a disturbing edge, variations in brightness, and height differences if your second screen is not adjustable in height. Make sure that the following specifications are the same:

  • Panel type for the same viewing angles.
  • Same color settings and brightness.
  • A thin bezel (screen border).
  • Adjustable height.

Do you have a laptop and do you want a second monitor to use alongside it? If so, read about the advantages of a monitor next to your laptop screen here.

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