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Why is my fridge noisy?

Each fridge makes some noise, but you don't really know whether those noises are good or not. The fan makes a humming or blowing noise to prevent ice buildup. The cooling system may crack, tick, or fizz because of the cold air that runs through the pipes. The buzzing noise you hear is the compressor that turns on.

Humming or buzzing

Buzzing fridge

Every fridge has a compressor, the motor that powers the cooling system. The compressor makes a humming or buzzing sound when it switches on. The compressor only turns itself on if the temperature in the fridge is higher than the set temperature. For energy saving models, it's normal for the compressor to keep runner longer. Do you have a lot of problems with it? By properly filling the fridge and not placing it next to a heat source, you can reduce the compressor start-up.


Blowing fridge

Nowadays, a lot of fridges have an anti-frost function, also called Low Frost or No Frost. These models have fan that causes the air to circulate inside the appliance. The fan produces a blowing or humming sound.

Bubbling or sloshing

Bubbling fridge

The cooling system inside a fridge or freezer makes a bubbling, sloshing, and sometimes dripping sound. These sounds are caused by the the refrigerant that circulates through the pipes of the cooling system.

Cracking or ticking

Creaking fridge

A cracking or ticking sound is caused by the cooling system. The temperature changes cause metal to reduce and expand. The thermostat produces a short ticking or clicking sound when the compressor turns on and off.

Vibrating or rattling

Vibrating fridges

Do you hear a vibrating or rattling sound? This is caused by the pipes of the cooling system at the back of the appliance. This sound is completely normal and means the fridge is still cooling properly. Is the vibrating sound suddenly louder than before? Check if the fridge is at spirit level or if something is touching the pipes at the back. This can significantly enhance the vibration noises.

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