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How do I install my TP-Link Deco WiFi system?

With a TP-Link Deco WiFi mesh system, you can set up a WiFi network with coverage on multiple floors. I'll explain how to connect and install the TP-Link Deco series systems in this article.

What do you need?

What do you need?
  • The modem of your provider
  • A network cable
  • The TP-Link Deco set
  • A smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android
  • The TP-Link Deco app

Step 1: install the app on your phone

Install the app on your phone

You can manage your TP-Link Deco system with the Deco app on your smartphone or tablet. Download it in advance, so you can easily set up the Deco in the next step. To use the app, you need a TP-Link account. Log in with an existing account or create a new account.

Step 2: connect the base station

Connect the base station

Locate the modem of your internet provider. You'll find it where your phone or cable connector enters your house. This is often in the fuse box. Make sure you have the Deco base station on hand. Next, connect a network cable between the yellow connector on your modem and the left connector on your TP-Link Deco main station. Plug the connector of your first Deco station into the socket. The light on the Deco will be yellow. Wait until it turns blue.

Step 3: set up the base station with the app

Set up the base station with the app

In the Deco app, tap 'Next' and choose the location where the first station of your Deco network. Tap 'Next' again and enter a name and password for your WiFi network. Write this information down so you don't forget it. Tap 'Next' again and the base station of your TP-Link Deco multi-room system is installed. The lamp will become green.

Step 4: add a station to your Deco system

Add a station to your Deco system

Place the second Deco station at a location of your choice and plug the connector in the socket. As soon as the light turns blue, tap 'Add another Deco' in the app. Indicate where you placed this station and tap 'Next'. The light will turn green when the satellite is connected to the main station. Is the Deco satellite not getting a wireless connection? Try to move it closer to the main station. Go through these steps again for each additional station.

Step 5: Connect to your new WiFi network

Connect to your new WiFi network

Now that your WiFi mesh system has been installed, you can connect to the new network. Set up your laptop, phone, and other devices in the new network you just created. Use the password you set in step 3. You can read how to connect to a WiFi network in the manual of your product.

Step 6: other options in the Deco app

Other options in the Deco app

You can easily see which Deco stations are online in the main screen in the TP-Link Deco app. You can also see the speed of your internet connection. Tap the 3 lines to set more options. You can make sure that all devices in your network are protected against viruses and hackers with Antivirus, for example. This way, you can set up a guest network under WiFi, allowing your friends to easily access your wireless network.

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