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How does Samsung Game Mode work?

Do you often play fast games on your Samsung TV? Then the Samsung Game Mode, or Game Mode, is a handy function for you. This makes the game react faster to the buttons you press. You can read how this works exactly in this article.

Why would you switch on the Samsung Game Mode?

Samsung Game Mode

A television uses various techniques that improve image quality. The disadvantage of this is that there is extra delay between the playback source and the screen. You don't notice this when you watch a Blu-ray, but you do when you play a game. Although this delay consists of milliseconds, in fast games it sometimes determines the difference between winning or losing. You switch off these imaging techniques with the Game Mode. This way you sacrifice a small part of the image quality for a better reaction speed.

Step 1: open the menu

Samsung menu

Press the Menu button on your remote control.

Step 2: open Settings

Samsung settings

Go to the left in the menu bar until you reach Settings. Select this option.

Step 3: open General


You recognize this option on the tool icon.

Step 4: open Manage External Devices

Samsung Management External devices

In this menu, you can manage devices that you have connected to the TV.

Step 5: activate Game mode

Samsung Game Mode

Go to Game mode and select the option. Succeeded! You have now activated Game Mode, which makes the game react faster to your actions. This way your opponent will never be one step ahead of you. To switch off the Game mode, click on the option again.

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