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How do I adjust the sound settings on my Samsung TV?

Do you want to adjust the sound of your Samsung TV or play it through external speakers? You control all these options via the sound settings. In this article I explain where you can find these settings and how they work.

Adjust sound in 4 steps

  • Step 1: open the menu.
  • Step 2: open Settings.
  • Step 3: open Sound.
  • Step 4: adjust the sound output, mode, or expert settings.

Step 1: open the menu

Samsung menu

Press the Menu button on your remote control.

Step 2: open Settings

Samsung settings

Go to the left in the menu bar until you reach Settings and open this option.

Step 3: open Sound

Samsung sound

You get the choice of three settings. With Sound Output you choose whether the TV plays the sound over the built-in or connected speakers. The Sound mode offers 3 standard settings that allow you to adjust the sound to your environment. If you want to adjust the sound in detail, choose Expert Settings.

Step 4a: Adjust sound output

Samsung sound output

In this screen you choose which device plays the TV sound.

Sound output options

Option Explanation
TV speaker With this option you can play the sound over the TV speakers.
Audio output / optical Do you want to play the sound through external speakers, such as a soundbar? Then choose this option.
Speaker list This selects a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Step 4b: Adjust sound mode

Samsung sound mode

In the Sound mode you have the choice of 3 different standard settings.

Step 4b: Sound mode options

Mode Explanation
Standard In the standard mode you listen to the most balanced sound. No tones are emphasized, such as the voices or bass.
Optimized With this function you make specific effects extra powerful. This makes the sound more spacious.
Strengthen This amplifies the mid and high tones of the sound. This is especially useful when voices are difficult to understand.

Step 4c: Adjust expert settings

Samsung sound expert settings

Do you want to adjust the sound completely to your personal preferences? Then open the Expert Settings. This changes the sound of the sound and gives you access to useful functions. For example, adjust the sound delay or make sure with Auto volume that you are never surprised by too loud a sound.

Step 4c: Expert settings options

Setting Adjust the volume of the right or left stereo channel. You do this, for example, when you connect headphones and want to compensate for any hearing impairment. The option is also useful when you have 2 speakers connected, 1 of which sounds softer because it is farther away.
Equalizer With the Equalizer you adjust the volume of specific frequencies, so that you emphasize the high or low tones, for example. This is useful when you want to raise voices or bass tones.
HDMI format for sound Select the audio format of the HDMI input.
Digital format for sound Select the digital audio output channel. The Dolby options are only suitable if a connected device also supports them.
Audio delay This adjusts the delay between the image and sound. This option is useful when the sound from a connected speaker is behind the screen. You can only adjust the sound delay if the speaker is connected to the optical input.
Auto volume With this option, the volume always remains at the same level, even when switching between channels or sources. You use this setting when you watch TV at night and do not want a high-volume channel to appear during zapping.
Sound feedback If you choose this option, the TV plays a sound when you select a menu or option.
Reset sound Are you not satisfied with your adjustments and do you want to start again? Then reset all settings.

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