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How do I ensure a good connection between my Harman Kardon speakers?

Did you purchase Harman Kardon Citation speakers? Great! You want the speakers to work properly via Bluetooth or WiFi, of course. How do you ensure that your connection remains good so you can make optimal use of the speakers? I'm happy to explain this to you.

A good connection with 4 tips

Harman Kardon speaker

Below, you can read 4 tips that ensure a good connection with your Harman Kardon speakers.

Tip 1: use Bluetooth less

Tip 2: check WiFi connection

Tip 3: check extenders

Tip 4: install the app

Tip 1: use a Bluetooth connection as little as possible

Bluetooth screen

The first tip to maintain a good connection between the speakers. Don't connect the speakers to each other or to a television via Bluetooth. There is always a chance of a delay between image and sound via Bluetooth, which is a waste. You should still use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone or tablet to the speakers and operate them with the app.

Tip 2: check your WiFi connection

Check WiFi

The Citation speakers work on both a 2.4GHZ and a 5GHZ WiFi network. Do you use more equipment on your 2.4GHZ network and does your router also support a 5GHZ WiFi network? It's advisable to run the speakers on the 5GHZ network. The performance of a router decreases when a lot of equipment is connected to them. This can lead to loss of connection or the music can be disrupted.

Tip 3: check extenders

WiFi extender

Do you have WiFi extenders at home? Check if the WiFi extender doesn't have the same name as your main WiFi network. In any case, only use 5GHZ WiFi extenders for the best possible WiFi for your speakers.

Tip 4: make sure the speakers are installed via the app

Google Home app

When you connect the speakers via the app, you install the speakers on the WiFi network and enable the multi-room functions. Install all multi-room speakers via the app on the same WiFi network, so on your 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ network.

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