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How do you reset an Android One smartphone?

By resetting your Android One smartphone, you delete all your personal data. If your smartphone often freezes or it's slow to respond, for example, a reset might be able to solve that. It's also a good idea to remove all your personal data before you trade in or sell your phone. Follow these easy steps to reset your Android One smartphone.

Before you start: create a backup

When you reset your Android One smartphone, all your personal files are deleted. That includes your photos and videos. That's why it's a good idea to create a backup of everything you want to save. You could store everything in the cloud or on a memory card.

Step 1: opening the app drawer

Open the Android One smartphone app drawer

Open the app drawer from your home screen.

Step 2: settings

Android One settings

Go to Settings.

Step 3: system

Android One system settings

Scroll down and press System.

Step 4: advanced

Android One advanced settings

Press Advanced.

Step 5: reset options

Android One advanced system

Press Reset options.

Step 6: delete data

Reset the Android One phone

Press Delete all data (restore factory settings).

Step 7: confirm and reset

Reset the Android One phone

You'll know see which files you're about to delete. Scroll down, press Reset phone and enter your PIN code to confirm the reset. All your data will be deleted and your smartphone will be restored to factory settings.

Help from an expert in the store

Help from an expert in the store

Couldn't reset your Android One smartphone after this article? Our experts are at your service in the Coolblue stores. They'll be happy to help you reset your Android One phone. You can also contact them for other questions about your Android One device.

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