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How do you play Spotify on you soundbar?

In addition to improving the sound of your television, your soundbar also functions as a music player. It even works in a multi-room setup if you also have speakers in other rooms. Do you have a Spotify account? Down below, you can read how to play your favorite songs on your soundbar via Spotify.

Spotify on your soundbar

Soundbar with television

There are several ways to play Spotify via your soundbar. Choose the method that works best for you from the options below.

Option 1: via your smart TV

Option 2: via Bluetooth, WiFi, or AirPlay

Option 3: via Chromecast

Did it work? Scroll down if you want to turn off the screen while you listen to music, but don't know how.

Option 1: via your smart TV

Smart television with Spotify

This option depends on your TV, but you can play music via the Spotify app if you have a smart TV. Your soundbar is connected to your television, so it'll play your favorite songs right away. You'll have to turn on your television first if you want to use Spotify.

Option 2: via Bluetooth, WiFi, or AirPlay

Sonos App

This is the best option if you prefer to use your phone to choose the music. Depending on your soundbar and phone, you can use Bluetooth, WiFi, or AirPlay. Usually, soundbars have an application that allows you to select Spotify as a streaming service. Not sure if this is possible on yours? Check the manual of your soundbar and/or smartphone.

Option 3: via Chromecast

Television with Chromecast

Do you have a Chromecast at home? Or does your soundbar have a built-in Chromecast? That's a perfect way to play your music via Spotify. You can operate the Chromecast via Spotify on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

I want to turn the screen off, is that possible?

Television with soundbar

If you've chosen an option that requires you to turn on the TV, you might want to turn the screen off. You can do so via the television settings.

On a Samsung TV, you go to Menu, Picture and then Picture Off.

On a Philips TV, you go to TV Menu, Settings, Eco Settings, and then Screen Off.

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